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Don't get robbed of a good night's sleep!
Bluelight emphasizes stopping your eyes from sleeping on your smartphone or tablet easily at night.
This app helps reduce blue light, adjusts your screen colour and relaxes your eyes, it is easier for you to sleep.

Features for Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Applications:

▽ Free screen filter app to protect your eyes
You can easily reduce the strain on the eyes.
It's simple but effective!
This is the app you have to start.
▽ Filter screen with natural colour
So if you can send messages, emails and web pages, the application filter is located in a remarkably natural colour.
This application does not give the screen dark, but the adjusted screen colour blue light is meant to reduce the cause of stress on the eyes.
It makes your smartphone screen switch to screen for natural colour filters at night.
▽ Simple operation
It's easy to turn it on or off.
You can configure a blur filter.
You can choose from 7 different filter colours.
▽ On or off quickly and easily
You know, the show or event can always hide filter toolbar, select filter icon in easy settings
▽ Startup automatically
You can initially choose to start filtering.
▽ Simple application
Except when adjusted because it filters colour temperature just does not let your battery `s application group drain. Memory usage is too low.
▽ Trusted App
This application has been registered as an official developer by an independent organization in Japan.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care for advanced users:

Note - Ads Removal

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