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Android 2.3 or higher
6.06 MB
3.9.12 لأجهزة الأندرويد
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ربيع الأول 22, 1438
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Sea Launcher - 2016 Best Launcher for Android, Battery Fast, Intelligent, Clean, Saves and Very Personal
Sea Launcher Launcher Compatible, user-friendly, minimal battery consumption and fast mobile searches feature the third and last DIY launcher experience to protect and personalize your privacy. This makes the C Launcher different from other projection apps for Android!

C Launcher: Free Themes Fast Apps:

- Quickly and easily find, download, and uninstall apps, android issues and search bar
- Friendly conversation, relative launcher arrow speed and every detail you provide with a detailed requirement.
- Protected: North noon works to properly launch your privacy application, protects against third party protecting your phone.
- Quick Launcher
- Storage batteries, clean junk files and tap speed devices
- It's easy to find that you need to speed the arrow! Download, and disable all apps you find in the search bar
- Secure Launcher
- Hide apps and drag gestures that protect your privacy with your application locks;
- Lock passcode / pattern lock, iOS style screen
- Visible anytime you want apps.
- SmartLauncher
- Application read unread message count
- App Drawer Smart folders automatically organize your applications based on work.
- Widgets: A fast, clean clock weather widget and smart way of saving energy while saving.
- Custom launcher
- Free Beautiful Live Wallpaper: C Launcher Launcher is an issue of finding the highly upgraded Android, wallpapers and screen icons daily theme.
- Change lock screen theme
- Topics Wallpaper Classifieds Customizable Phone Themes and Icon Galaxy Millennium Pack, Including Windows 7, iPhone Themes, etc.
- Create your own themes to combine wallpaper and mouse with 3 levels and share with other users.
- Free Live Wallpaper Make Your Future Launcher Cool;

Free theme is fast, modern: a launcher includes:

Note - Ads Removal

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3. Enjoy!

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2. Transfer apk files to your Android phone with PC (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it ..
4. Have Fun!

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