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Sleep Firm 2: Back to Manitoba Games College College.
Now a decorating weed growing venture, Sleep Company: The sequel to Replanted, with the next level of simulation selling pot.

In this planting game you will:

We cultivate your sleep farm empire with many marijuana strains, including the famous White Widow and Purple Hays, and a surprisingly strong and extremely exotic weed.
Im selling your pot to numerous eclectic clients including Fantastic Dancer, Luni & Durat, Rap Dior, Sandy & Mandy, Cheerleaders, Ian, DJ, Rasta Bob and many more.
Plant Grow your planting and customize your shop with a variety of items that will save you from cannabis and buzz.
Y Break your new line of hay shops and grow your business by growing magical mushrooms. Species include Mexicans, Ecuadorians, extraterrestrials, and internationals.
Open a portal to another galaxy and sell your best mushrooms to supernatural alien visitors
Defend your mockery against local gangbaggers and noise and Mary Jane and find creative ways to shake off corrupt cops and federal agents who are ready to blow your growing pita.
In this follow-up view firm: Replanted, cultivates a popular role-playing sleeper and gets away with the adventure. Botany student Ted Growing returns to his alma mater. This time it is not to hit the books, but to hide from the police officer who is on the way. Ted started growing grass in an abandoned gym and did the best he could: grow and sell hemp. You ted when he could expand his sleeping farm to new places; Plant new varieties of buds and magical mushrooms. Feel the pound of your heart rate as Ted seeks to expand his pot farm empire and sell to an ever-growing customer base seeking R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Where peace is with you

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- Removed ad

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