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Apr 12, 2021

The face-off between Light and Shadow.

The Light shall guide us in confronting Darkness.

Tencent Games and Tourdog Studio present Alchemy Stars,

a new spin on classic online strategic RPG!

A Planet Nearing Devastation A World of Science and Magic

After 17 long years, you have finally returned to the surface. Waiting for you was irreversible tragedy and the newfound bonds with Aurorians. Command the Colossus and soar over the ancient ruins. Traverse through the capital and the desert. Find the Light alongside your friends.

Unleash Chain Combos in Battle

Unleash chain combos based on the number of connected tiles!

Strengthen Bonds in the Colossus

You can level up each Aurorian on your team in a variety of ways. Upgrade each character's unique Breakthrough and Ascension skills. Combine strategies and create the most powerful Aurorian!

Trigger Chain Combos in One Stroke to Victory

Connect tiles of the same color (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) to guide the Aurorians.

Multilayered Characters Created by Talented Illustrators

A total of 150 remarkable illustrators and manga artists have devoted their time and talents to this project. In this riveting world brimming with artistic imagination, the characters come to life in epic battles.

Take Part in an Exciting Storyline and RPG

As Aurora and White Night converge, head towards Aurora, the intersection between sky and space! This is your story, the story of you bringing back the Light for future generations.

About Alchemy Stars MOD APK

Many artists annoyed Twitter about the upcoming hero-collecting game, Alchemy Stars. Not much is known about what the game will look like or what it looks like other than the "RPG" tag written on its BIOS. 2D graphics look great.

Alchemy Stars is a strategy role-playing game from the Hero collection developed by TourDogStudio. This is one of those games where you really need to focus on your group and develop strategies to defeat your enemies. The game has a simple RPG-like story that is surprisingly interesting. It was originally written by Tadashi Satomi, a landscape writer responsible for the landscape, characters, and setting of personality games. It tells the story of the Astra world, long inhabited by the Aurorians and the Kleist Lestites. However, peace did not last until the Astra eclipse was known. Players will play the role of the only survivor of the Caelestites race and will help the Aurorians fighters defeat the Eclipsites.

I believe the battle of the game got a reference to the Connect 3 puzzle game. In Alchemy Stars, players match adjacent tiles with similar colors to activate their character's aggression. In addition, by adding more color-integrated tiles, players can acquire powerful skills that can cover the entire battlefield.

The game has 4 different colored tiles that match the element of your characters. Red for fire, blue for water, yellow for thunder, and green for the forest. It is important to organize your party for immediate benefit because your character will attack only if you add the same colored tiles to it. The only exception is your party captain, as he can attack regardless of the colored tiles you want to connect.

To start, there are over 80 different characters divided into 6 different groups that players can collect. Each of these characters has its own set of skills that are useful in combat. Unlike most hero collecting games where you bring all the rare characters together and wet your opponents, Alchemy Stars has characters with special skills for players to cross the stage for some high-level levels. This means you have to develop and use characters in different species instead of just 6 stars.

The layout of the battlefield is always different every time you visit a stage, so strategic party management becomes an important factor in determining the outcome of a battle.

In addition to fights, players can communicate and learn more about their characters by spending time with their favorite characters in the characters' stories, conversations, and calligraphy. Colossus is where you can keep your social gathering with your characters and get the necessary materials and resources that can help you in your adventure. Here's a quick tip. Players can improve the performance of your facility by employing characters with relevant work skills to increase the efficiency of your product.

Graphically, the game looks beautiful in its science fiction and fantasy rendering. The game combines magic with futuristic settings like atmosphere and character design. One thing I really like is watching the game's characters in dynamic mode. There will be subtle movements or “wind bubble” effects, particles and lots of small details that are a feast for the eyes. However, if you are using an older phone, you can choose to prevent your characters from appearing in a static position as usual. Most importantly, the characters have been dubbed by many well-known Japanese voice artists.

Main theme

When the old powers collide, use the power of light to save the world from darkness!

A revolutionary RPG presented by Tencent Games and Tourdog Studio that takes new heights of strategy and excitement to new heights.


Find an epic story in a huge fantasy world.

The light of Ora Rora extends beyond the remnants ... its luminosity follows from the reach of the sky to the outer reach of the universe and beyond. Our journey begins now!

Astra—The Aurorians and Caelestites have inhabited this land since ancient times.

Under the command of a mysterious organization, Astra ruled peacefully for hundreds of years until it was suddenly destroyed by an invasion of black creatures known as Anjaan.

Caelestites were all destroyed by the Eclipsites ... As the only survivor of his ruthless life, you began a long and awkward life alone in the deep underground.

17 years later, ur Aurorian will accidentally hover over you and bring you back to the surface where the light shines ...

Accept the painful truth of changing reality and connect your connection with Aurorian! Colossus, a remnant of its ancient culture, travels from the holy city through the wild desert and across the country with a loyal group of allies, each of which is unique! It is time for you to lead the light and create your own legend to give hope to the future of the world!

Art style

The stunning art style and graphics

  • Our team of talented artists proudly represents the 5 Reigns - each playing with individuality and represented in detail by their amazing battle animations and overall design.

Sound coverage on the scene

  • World-class Voiceover on cast
  • Immerse yourself in a beautiful fantasy world with the best voice actors and bring every single character to life.

Unique character, full of personality

  • Vice President: Member of the Illuminati Federation. Gentle, intelligent, energetic, and enthusiastic.
  • Carlen: Lumo Garden Captain. Born into an aristocratic family, she has a keen sense of justice.
  • Istavan: Umbretton's leader. Free and easy, but crucial. Loyalty is paramount to them.
  • Blotch: The infamous Umbraton trickster who can lie without blinking an eyelid.
  • Sinsa: Extreme and powerful leader of the Red Diesel Ranch. Along with many of his colleagues, he lives an independent and independent life.
  • Bethlehem: The ruler of the Northland should treat any case with grace.

Innovative strategic gameplay

  • The original turn-based element properties of the combat master to best plan the attack.
  • Automatic combat mode is also available as an alternative.
  • The gameplay is also sufficient for the casual gamer.

Pre-Register in advance for the Milestone Awards Alchemy Stars!

Pre-registration of Alchemy Stars has started now! Players can pre-register for the game, which can help get your game started early. Also, there will be special events on their social media so they don’t forget to follow everyone.

How to download and install Alchemy Stars MOD APK

To install Alchemy Stars MOD APK for Android you need to know how to install apk file for your phone. Next, you proceed to download the latest apk mod file from Apklands - the top web game mod download in Vietnam and install like other applications.

Immediately after installation, you can log into your account Alchemy Stars to use as the original version. Mod features will be added automatically, do not forget that every time you have the latest Alchemy Stars MOD version you need to delete the old version to reinstall, not automatically update.

For those of you who are curious to download the latest version, then download it from our website using the direct download link given at the top of the article and install this game on your smartphone and tablets.

Step-by-step tutorial to clearly explain how to install the application.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Sources

First of all you need to go to your phone or the target device settings. Open the security option here and then go to the unknown sources. Enable this option but do not worry about the warning message as this game is totally free to download.

If you are on a recent version of Android this option may not be available. In this case, skip this step.

Step 2: Download

Click on the button above to download the application. The download should begin. Wait until the download is complete before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: Installation

Click on the application you downloaded earlier. Select Next, then Next, then Install. Now you can play!

If an error occurs, check that you have enough storage space on your device (1GB is recommended).

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