App Backup Restore Personal Contact Backup Apk for Android Free Download

Required Android:
Android 2.3 or higher
5.30 MB
6.4.4 for Android
Updated On:
Dec 01, 2017
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App Backup Restore Personal Contact Use accessibility features to improve the automatic uninstallation feature on some devices.

Automatic backup, restore free transfer of your applications and personal data.

Restore App Backup - is a simple wizard of the transfer APK.

App Backup Restore - Your apps cannot backup or restore data. It is an APK wizard that can only back up APK files.

The easiest backup and restore of contacts of apps to call on the internal storage of phone / internal SD card.

Upload and download backups to Google Drive.

Never lose your data again!

App Backup Restore Personal Contact - Transfer backup and APS files, which are not often used for phone storage. Restore multiple versions to avoid easy backups and unnecessary updates. Back up and restore private data for security reasons. Install iCloud backup and restore for data security. Transfer and share APK files between Android devices.

Install local / cloud backup and restore

- Backup and restore APK

- Install contact backup and restore

- Install backup and restore SMS

- Install log backup and restore

- Broadcast and share in seconds

- Send and receive APK

- Send and receive contacts

- Send and receive SMS

- Send and receive call logs

Features of Backup Restore Personal Contact Apps:

- Backup, restore, install, transfer, share

- Back up the backup and restore it to the phone's internal storage by default

- Batch backup and restore to SD card or USB

- Upload and download from Google Drive, Driver Pub Box X, etc.

- The easiest backup and restore of apps, personal data

- Auto toe backup files and submit to third-party platforms

- Recover and restore APK files

- Transfer and share backups

- Rewrite, downgrade the app version

- Always Auto Toe app backup tool

- Set up an automatic backup list to back up automatic backups

- Transfer and share by creating a private WiFi hotspot

- Share with wireless transmission and redirection speed

- Automatic backups and updates with notifications

- Upload/download from Google Drive with instructions

- Easy backup and restore of system applications

- Scan the APK files stored on your phone

- Scan viruses for more security

- Touch and hold the app to check the details

- Install, save and manage applications via Drive

- Application wizard for sorting applications by name, date and size

- Show backup size as well as time and version

- View used and total system and file memory

- Reinstall the phone after a factory reset, Samsung, Micromax, etc. Supported

- Supported all types of applications including games, tools, social media, etc.

Features of Backup Restore App - Personal Contact Backup Mod:

- Unlock all

- Ad removed

Installation instructions:

* Have you visited this page on your mobile phone?

1. Download the application file to your mobile phone.

2. Install and run it.

3. That is, enjoy!

* Have you seen this page on a desktop or laptop?

1. Download APK file to PC.

2. Transfer the APK file from PC to your Android phone (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).

3. Install and run it.

4. That is, enjoy!

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