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Oct 11, 2021

Embrace one of the largest gaming communities by joining one of the newest games, news updates, and a host of new ways to play today!

The possibilities are endless as you build everything from a simple house to a magnificent castle. Obtain unlimited resources in creative mode or craft weapons and armor in survival mode to defend yourself against monsters. Whether you're on Windows 10 or a mobile device, you can create, explore, and survive.

About Minecraft 1.17.51 APK

The Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios developed the sandbox video game Minecraft. Players place blocks to create environments and embark on adventures. You can create whatever you want in Creative mode, or embark on magnificent expeditions in Survival mode, exploring mysterious lands and plunging into infinite worlds. Would you rather hide from monsters, build weapons and armor to fend them off, or would you rather fight them? You don't have to go it alone! Multiplayer and online play are available.

The game features a procedurally generated world filled with blocky blocks, with virtually infinite terrain, in which players discover raw materials, craft tools, and items, and construct structures and earthworks. There is a choice of playing computer-controlled mobs or cooperating or competing with other players in the same world, depending on the game mode. Besides the survival mode, players can also choose a creative mode in which they can fly and have unlimited resources. By modifying the game, players can create new items, enemies, and mechanics.

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This 3D sandbox game allows players to choose how they want to play the game, as there are no specific objectives. Achievements are recognized in the Java Edition as "advancements" and "trophies" in the PlayStation port as well. First-person gameplay is the default perspective, but third-person perspective is available as well. The gaming world is made up of rough 3D objects - mostly cubes and fluids, and commonly known as "blocks" - in which there are a variety of materials such as dirt, stones, ores, tree trunks, and water. These objects are picked up and placed at the core of the gameplay. 

Players are able to move freely around a 3D world made up of blocks. By mining blocks and placing them elsewhere, players can create everything they want. The physics system has been criticized by many as unrealistic. Redstone is another material in the game that can be used to construct primitive mechanical devices, electrical circuits, and logic gates, allowing the creation of many complex systems.

Improve your game:

From your favorite creators, get your hands on unique maps, skins, and texture packs.

Change the way the game plays with slash commands: you can give items away, summon mobs, and other things.

Get even more out of your experience by installing free add-ons! It's possible to create a custom resource pack using data-driven behaviors in the game if you're a techie.


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Play on multiple platforms

you can now play with others on Windows 10 computers, Xbox One consoles, Nintendo switch systems, virtual reality systems, and mobile devices.

Multiple players at the same time

with a few clicks, you can connect with thousands of teammates.

A new feature has been added

the Xbox will come with loads of new features, including a recipe book, a marketplace, and infinite worlds!

The endless pursuit of knowledge

Explores your creativity by creating and exploring your own world.

You can almost build anything

this is the easiest, fastest and most fun way to craft ever.

Playing with friends is more fun

up to four players can play together on a split screen free of charge, or share your own private realm with hundreds of friends!


Minecraft's core feature is mining, which extracts ore and other materials mainly from beneath the surface of the map. Coal, iron, gold, Redstone, diamonds, lapis lazuli, copper, and emerald are some of these ores. Mines can be built from the surface of the earth or can be dug deep engrossed in caves. Due to their ore-rich nature, mine shafts and ravines can create additional areas that may contain resources.

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Smelting and crafting

A player can use their inventory to craft tools and blocks. New blocks and items are frequently added to later versions. Alternatively, crafting tables provide players with a 3x3 grid or 2x2 grid to craft on. During smelting, metal is transformed into ingots from raw iron as well as fuel.

Enchanting and brewing

In brewing, water and various ingredients are combined to create potions. Depending on the ingredients used, the player consumes or throws the potion at another mob in order for it to have the desired effect. Using an enchanting table or anvil, armors, tools or weapons can also be upgraded via enchantment. In order to access stronger enchantments, the enchanting table must be surrounded by bookshelves.

Various Modes Available to play

Survival mode

To create certain blocks and items in survival mode, players need to gather natural resources such as wood and stone. Players should build a shelter at night to avoid monsters that spawn outside specified areas, depending on the difficulty of the game. Furthermore, attack mobs, fall, drown, fall into lava, suffocate, starve, and other events deplete your health. Food must be consumed in-game, which must periodically be refilled, except in peaceful difficulties. In the event of a depleted hunger bar, automatic healing stops, and health eventually becomes depleted. A player's health is replenished when their hunger bar is nearly full or when they are playing peacefully.

Hardcore mode

Unlike normal survival mode, the Hardcore mode has permadeath and is locked to the hardest setting. Upon death in a hardcore world, players can either enter spectator mode and explore or delete the world entirely. Only the Java Edition allows access to spectator mode.

Creative mode

The inventories of the game are entirely available through the creative mode, and items can be placed or removed instantly. Those playing the game may toggle their ability to fly freely around the game world at any time and their characters are not affected by hunger or damage. By focusing on building and creating projects without distraction, players can focus on their project of any size.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode enables players to take part in user-made adventures and maps. There are many restrictions that can be placed on the game world, similar to survival mode. These restrictions can be set by the creator of the map. As a result, players must acquire the items required and take on adventures in the way intended by the map designer. Additionally, map makers can use the command block to increase player interaction in their custom maps.

Spectator mode

Players can watch gameplay from afar in spectator mode without being able to interact. There is no inventory in the game, but players can teleport to another player or creature to see from their perspective. Java Edition and Console Legacy Editions are the only versions that support this type of game.

Download and Installation Process

  • To download Minecraft 1.17.51 APK you have to tap on the given download button.
  • Your download will begin shortly after tapping.
  • Now you have to turn on the Unknown Sources setting in your Android phone. (This is a program made by Android that protects your Android device from unauthorized apps and malware that can harm your device.)
  • Turn on your device Unknown setting requires you to go to Settings-Security-Unknown sources and turn it on.
  • Then go to your file manager or download area where your downloaded files are and tap on Minecraft 1.17.51 APK file.
  • After tapping the install option will appear on the screen where you have to tap again the installation will start and it will be completed in some time.
  • Now you can run the application and enjoy its great features.

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Pros are:

The application can be downloaded for free from Apklands.com with just a tap on the download button. The application version can be selected and downloaded according to your needs. For most versions, you can download the app archive.

The app can be downloaded quickly without waiting for a review like in the play store. As the file is downloaded, it becomes part of your device's memory, so you can install it multiple times without downloading it.

Cons are:

Third-party applications are usually not checked by Google, as they are usually downloaded from third parties. In this case, your phone may get damaged. In most cases, third-party applications contain an APK file that contains a virus that can damage devices or steal data.

This is a dangerous situation, so be careful. For most apps, you won't be able to update them automatically because the Google Play Store isn't available for them.

Where can I download Minecraft 1.17.51 APK?

If you are interested click on the button above to download the app. APK files are found in the "Downloads" section of your browser. Before installing the app, your phone must be allowed to run third-party apps.

As mentioned below, the steps required to achieve this are mostly the same. Activate the Unknown Sources option in the Security option in Settings and your phone will be able to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

After completing the above steps you can click "Download" in your browser to download the information. After you give permission, the installation will start. After installation, the application can be launched normally.


Q. Is Minecraft 1.17.51 APK available on Android for free?

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Q. Is Minecraft 1.17.51 APK file free from security threats?

Ans. Every security threat has been dealt with. Furthermore, no bugs or glitches are present in this game. here we provide a 100% safe and secure app that will not harm your device and run smoothly.

Q. What about the advertisements?

Ans. This latest version of the game is free from all types of annoying advertisements.


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Users Review

User 1:The app is very exciting, with graphics and soundtrack, and a user interface. I like its beautiful atmosphere which makes it easy to use.

User 2: The graphics quality is very good, the background music is good, the user interface is fluid, the gameplay is varied, and the game is good for whatever theme we bring as a theme. Some of the things that generate interest in this title are all the skins and accessories that each character has.

User 3: The character design and gameplay of the game are very good, the music is also good, some costumes are also provided for free in the games, the disadvantage is that the costumes are very expensive.

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