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Jun 23, 2022

Is your child spending hours a day on social networks and messaging services? Or that though your partner told you he went to bed, he doesn't use the chat at night? Using our app, you can determine the precise time intervals when a person was online and offline.

About NetwaX APK

NetwaX allows you to keep track of your contact information and your personal account with WhatsApp.

We have developed an app to track last seen online activities and provide itemized reports on them. It provides notifications, text, and charts with stats.

With NetwaX APK, you can track multiple WhatsApp contacts at the same time using a super easy, friendly interface.


NetwaX APK lets you monitor and compare activities in applications such as Telegram, Whatsapp, and VK. If you are offline, the app will still collect statistics if you add a profile!

We allow you to add up to 10 VK, WhatsApp, or telegram profiles to our app, and we display analytics for each profile over a defined time period. You can display the history of each profile to the second!

When you add a Vk, WhatsApp, or telegram profile, you will receive push notifications for each change in status.

Whether you are offline or logged out, our tools work seamlessly with Vk, telegram, and WhatsApp profiles!

What has made NetwaX - tracker for Whatsapp a real success is not just its great quality content, but also its developers' willingness to listen and act on user feedback.


Features of NetwaX APK

  • Notifications will let you know when someone goes online or offline on Whatsapp
  • You can find out who has visited your profile
  • Adding more than one contact
  • See how much time you spend on WhatsApp

An easy-to-use application:

Adding a WhatsApp profile number with the "plus" button in the top right corner will allow our Tracker for Whatsapp to track the Last seen and online logs of the number.

The following notifications were received:

When added contacts are online or offline, you will receive a notification. You have the option of enabling or disabling notification.


Your notifications will come directly to you for a long time. Your contacts' status can be determined by whether they are online or offline, which you can achieve by enabling notifications.

Track any Whatsapp message with NetwaX APK and become a secret agent! Essentially, this app allows you to keep track of your friends' online statuses and last seen by simply checking when they're online


First and foremost, our Tracker for Whatsapp does not collect or start your contacts.


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