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Dec 07, 2020

Roys Macro Free Fire Apk MacDroid is the easiest way to automate actions on your Android smartphone or tablet. Through a straightforward user interface, MoroCroroid enables the creation of fully automated functions in just a few steps.

Here are some examples of how Roys Macro can help you automate:

# Timize your daily workflow on your phone. Turn on Bluetooth when you get in your car and start listening to music. Or turn on WiFi when you're close to home.

# Reduce battery usage (e.g. reduce screen size and turn off WiFi)

# Save roaming costs (automatic switch-off of your data)

# Increase security by reading your incoming notifications (via text-to-speech) and sending automated replies via email or SMS.

# Create a custom sound and notification profile.

# Reminds you to do some tasks with timer and stopwatch.

These are just a few examples of unlimited scenarios where rodentroid can make your Android life a little easier. It works with just 3 simple steps:

1. Select the trigger.

The trigger is a signal to start the macro. MoroCroroid offers more than 70 triggers to start your macro, namely location-based triggers (e.g. GPS, cell tower, device), device status triggers (e.g. battery level, application start/stop), Sensor triggers (e.g. shake), light intensity, etc.) and connectivity triggers (such as Bluetooth, WiFi and notifications).

Macros can be triggered automatically. However, it's also possible to create a shortcut on your device's home screen or use a unique and customizable macro director sidebar.

2. Select the actions you want to be automated.

Moro Crowdroid can perform 100+ different tasks that you would normally do by hand. Connect to your Bluetooth or WiFi device, adjust the volume, speak text (e.g. your incoming notifications or current time), start the timer, blur your screen and much more.

3. Optional: Configure controls.

The controls help you trigger macros whenever you want.

Do you live close to your work, but only want to connect to your company's WiFi on weekdays? With restrictions, you can select specific times or days that macros can execute. MoroCroroid offers 50 interruptive types such as battery level, connected devices, time and day restrictions, installation of headphones and more.

Mac is also compatible with Crowdroid, Locale and Tasker plugins to further the possibilities.

== For beginners ==

Moro has a wizard in Android's unique user interface that gives you a step-by-step guide on configuring your first macros.

It is also possible to use an existing template from the sample area and adapt it to your needs.

The built-in forum allows you to get help from other users so that you can easily learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the macro is.

== For experienced users ==

Macrodroid offers more comprehensive solutions such as tasker and locale plugins, system/custom variables, scripts, objective and advanced routes if IF, THEN, ELSE clauses and.

You can configure up to 5 macros with the free version of MoCroDroid. The Pro version (a small one-time fee) provides the full power of Moroid Croden and allows you to create an unlimited number of macros.

== Running in the background ==

If you're having trouble with the app not surviving in the background, please visit

== Help ==

Use the forum in the app for all usage and convenience inquiries or access the forums at

To report bugs, please use the built-in report bugs option available from Settings.

== Nodh ==

This application uses Device Administrator Authority Authority (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN) This permission is used by the failed login Gin Trigger (nothing else) and is activated only if you explicitly give access to the Android Device Administrator through the application.


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