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Android 3.1 or higher
20.53 MB
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ago. 21, 2021
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Swype Keyboard is now adapt to the new Star Trek ™ keyboard themes and new emoji keyboard brands.
• Original Swype keyboard that started it all here - does not accept replication

Swype - Life Keyboard:

Swype comes. The more you are a faster tapper, more typer, or the Swype Ninja might be ready to get a better, faster keyboard experience. Swype way you respect text input and make it such a personal language model from device to device. Swype - the world's largest keyboard.

Swype keypad functions apps:

• New seasonal and holiday themes
• New colour palette issues
• New flags and press games themes and coverage Swipe stores keep and customize Swype key on the keyboard. Quickly swipe through hundreds of emojis New emoji keyboard will browse and express new emoji
• Express your emotions and hold the height of the keyboard, allowing access to key keyboard optimization options
- Swype lets you push your keyboard customization delays including delay and mini landscape Left / Right keyboards in mode. Personal Backup & Sync
- Cloud Swype Backup allows for personal dictionary and syncing with any Android device with Swype on it
- never lose those words again add to your personal dictionary! Swipe Language (Paste) and HOTWords provide you are always up-to-date with real-time, people and news Creole model collaboration you have instant access to the language of our ever-expanding dictionary.
- People who use the ability to imagine the moment to predict the next word (with instant access to words and phrases). So wise, it's like Swype can read your mind! Swype words based on previous usage Training your device does not find powerful language models in its own vocabulary market and uses predictive words, general and predictive phrases. Language Downloads
- More than 80 downloads Supported Languages ​​and Languages ​​Swype is supported. Bilingual Support
- Swype Now you can enter words in two languages ​​at the same time! Swype suggested words will customize your bilingual language settings.Tablet Keyboard Swype has three unique tablet keyboard designs
- a full-screen keyboard, a small and portable keyboard and a split-screen keyboard. Dragon Dictation
- Swype that comes free with the recognition of simple, fast hand press and order, can swipe their text voice button on a high-pitched voice on a Swype keyboard.

- Instant Swype gestures that are used for everyday tasks such as:

• Select all
• Cut (key for Swype 'A')
• Copy (Button Swype 'C') (Swype 'X' key)
• Insert (Key 'vs' Swype)
• "Support Accessibility Features (Swype Key) Accessibility Support through Search - Explore "Swype, Android "Talk Back "and "" Touch. Typing is never set by the user again when accessibility features are enabled.

Swype keyboard with modern conveniences:

• Free

Installation instructions:

Did you visit the site on your phone?

1. Download Mobile APK file ..
2. Install and run it.
3. Enjoy!

* Visit Website on a Desktop or Laptop?

1. Download PC APK file.
2. Transfer apk files to your Android phone with PC (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it.
4. Have Fun!

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