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Android 3.1 or higher
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5.1.11 para Android
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oct. 11, 2016
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Make the most of every photo and photo directly with the Beauty Photo app! Image editors and photo booth guests, let stains and show off the natural beauty of your face and skin. Create 4-8 seconds awesome video with video and cool filters Video-Bell Bell-style clips!

Just pick them up a little thin to easily remove the wrinkles, edit the filter to remove tired eyes, add a new look to your face, and take pictures to improve the skin tone. Just let the camera of the photo and the image editor give you hundreds of pictures, frames, stickers and funny scenes ever!
Your photo studio for all your photos and make it even better! Enjoy writing frames and pictures Try adding touch stickers, text, blurring tools or other special effects with your favourite photo booth.

YouCam Perfect Properties - Selfi Pro Apps:

◇ Create real-time spinning effects that you feel in every frame
◇ Get short-lived (requires Android 4.3 for Android) with video
◇ Improves video playback with video and cool filters for Bell
◇ Multi-Face Detection Touch-Up Each face leaves or groups your group
◇ 6 Beautification Levels Accelerated Selec - Attractive Natural
◇ Go smoothly, happy smiling portrait with the best smile on every face of the group :) Save complex moment with a face shot turn complex with every smile
◇ Dry skin, wrinkles, acne and fine lines easily make everything disappear
◇ Clear face Add blush away to reveal shine, but without make-up
◇ The asymmetrical oval face may be only a few finalities in reality
◇ Bring to add they are a true beauty to your face shape
◇ There are 3 eye enhancers in the eyes and give a true fantasy
◇ Reduce eye bag remover in dark circles and reduce inflammation
◇ eyelid maker, you big eyes look just like natural double eyelids
◇ Look Thin Soon Slimming contraction of your waist and body
◇ Meter height for body or your body shots in contact with
◇ Uncomfortable looks high and slim, wearing high expectations
◇ A green screen for your photo, such as cutting an image subject, creates a fun new background for a special effect.
◇ The unique ingenious substance removal tool that you cannot find in other applications
◇ Clear unwanted background objects or people, everything you can about your photo!
◇ A fun scene, grid, collage or photo of your photo included in a template!
◇ Smart Collage Reserve Recognize Faces in Your Photos and Pictures and Background Landscape Right
◇ The magic brush size and stickers for colours and pictures are called with an explosion of touch!
◇ Exploring the search and make-up, for fashion and style cutting-edge
◇ Follow Inspiration Specialist Beauty Ists and Other Beauty Circlers Photo or Write
◇ Share Facebook, Instagram and your favourite social network
◇ See how to make it for use in a real-life tutorial!

YouCam Perfect Properties - Selfi Pro Modern:

- No ads

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