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Android 4.0.3 or higher
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7 Pour Android
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mai 27, 2017
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Play your own epic 420 hemp farm and develop different varieties in this fun sleep breeding game. Profit is the ultimate goal when trying to serve a unique selection of weed products, including pre-rolled blunts, hemp oil, moonlight vodka, space cakes and a colorful line of linen fabrics.

You will play the role of an entertaining hemp farmer in the world of hand-drawn, beautiful cartoons. Can you meet the needs of cooling stones and hippies? Can you grow larger areas with weeds, hashish, showroom and moonlight? You need to plan your cut plan, find the most popular cannabis strain and if you want to build a successful arts business, let THC go.

This accessible marijuana raising simulation is easy to learn and play. Walk at your own pace during true cultivation. The gameplay is nice with a comfortable reggae soundtrack.

You can grow different varieties of hemp, build buildings to turn your raw crops into profitable stem products, and prepare your farm with fun decorations.

Facilities of Ganja Farmer & Weed empire Game:

- Increase the stress of many marijuana - You can cultivate the famous Indica and Sativa strains like Super Skunk, Baba Kush, Purple Haze, White Widow, Mary Jane and many more.
- Build and upgrade buildings - You can earn more money by transforming your raw hemp into a space cake, wine and clothing with the right setup.
- Smuggling continues - Load 420 products and other goods, as well as boats for aircraft and magic mushrooms, to keep the stoner market overseas and profitable.
- Make an epic stoner paradise - Use the profits of your dope fight to make your farm beautiful with hookahs, teddy sculptures, sangs, vials or crashed alien spaceships.

Facilities of Ganja Farmer & Weed empire:

- Unlock everyone
- Removed ad

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