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Android 4.0 or higher
33.39 MB
1.0.3 Pour Android
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mai 26, 2017
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METAL GEAR SOLID V: Use this application as a support terminal to view maps and support a helicopter when playing the console version of GROUND ZEROES. If you are not in the main game, you should refresh Intel by checking classified recordings or listening to songs available in the game.

Features of Metal Gear Solid V: GZ Sport:

- Use DDROID mode to navigate
By connecting your app to the main game, you can navigate the world of Ground Zero using Android as a navigation system and support a terminal to call a helicopter.
This mode requires a WiFi environment to connect to your gaming system. For more information, see the "How to connect" menu in the app.
- Mother base mode
Expand the Mother Base, create private armies and send troops to battlefields around the world. Manage your army and build your army in this simulation of military base construction. Play as a standalone application or sync with MGSV: Zero Zero to unlock special troops and weapons from the main game!
- Listen to audio demo tracks anytime, anywhere
As soon as you listen to the audio demo track in the main game in Android mode, you can use this track to play these tracks at any time with any smart device.
- Latest Intel on MGS: GZ at the push of a button
- MGSV: Use Data Portal to get the latest information about GZ.

Properties of Metal Gear Solid V: GZ Mod:

- Removed ad

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