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janv. 16, 2017
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Traffic Cop Simulator 3D - The Best Simulator of Police Traffic Warden!
Try on the traffic cop role! Drivers and traffic offenders are right off the roadhogs, shop hot and go off the track, but don't forget the other common tasks that traffic police use to treat every day.

Improve your character and extend the best sequence! Legal and illegal, you like traffic cops in two ways. In the next test, his task is to improve the criminals to comply with any rules with traffic rules on vigorous punishment will be determined by the authorities. In addition, you can start to take a little cheating and corruption. Just decide the way you can go right and long, or dishonest, but fast.

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Features:

- Attractive police chase traffic offenders
- More than 14 police cars, including Soviet and foreign cars
- Police personally go through the Marshall: - Rank system
- Pick up within the life of the traffic cop: get paid, control ready for authorities
- Three types of vehicle control
- Day and night modes
- Climate Change: Hot Highway Tests on Your Skills in the Summer, and on Snowy Roads in the Winter
- The full crew of traffic police realism - Headlamp to the siren
- Traffic police allow free choice of measure: always summer and winter camouflage
- Unique patrol mode. Go to the path and open to catch the criminals looking
- Advanced Artificial Intelligence Systems: Patrol mode, live companion, real-time fuel consumption event phone
- The real physics engine with its petrol car, speedometer and control refuelling loss system

Modern features of Traffic Cop Simulator 3D:

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