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Okt 20, 2017
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You've heard that Android app developers are in high demand, but maybe you haven't started developing apps yet?
Maybe you found a course that shows you how to make it step by step, but it also explains why things are done the exact way.
Perhaps you are having trouble finding a course that really teaches you how to become an Android app developer.
Do you need to understand how to write apps for the current version of Android (Nougat), but does the same application work with older Android devices running earlier versions of the Android operating system?
Then this is the right app for you!

- There are 3 main parts to this application:

1- Java and Android text
2- Coding challenges
3- Ask the developers
4 - Coding test

In this app, you will discover the power of Android app development and gain expertise to dramatically improve your career opportunities as a software developer.

- Our application lessons and challenges from APP offline and real-time databases!
- Develop applications for the latest version of Android 7 Nougat that also works on older Android devices running earlier versions of the Android older operating system.

Get acquainted with the application combination of infographics, images, videos and source code. It's designed to teach you everything you need to know.

Features of Master Android Apps:

- Android Lessons You'll Learn:
Develop applications for the latest version of Android N Nougat that also works on Android devices running earlier versions of the Android Android operating system.
Download, install and configure the required software
Create your first app
Create a series of apps that illustrate the key aspects of the Android framework
Test your application on an emulator or a real Android phone or tablet
Learn how to program Java using the included Java learning video
Make sure your apps, phones, and tablets work with the current and older versions of Android
Use Android Studio 2.2, the latest version of Google is the first Android tool
Learn how to use databases and web services and even get your app to speak!
Understand all the new restriction layouts for screen creation using drag and drop
Use powerful code libraries to play videos, download website data, edit images and more!
Familiarize yourself with the course combinations of videos, slides, and diagrams that teach you everything you need to know.
Extend your knowledge with the challenges in the curriculum that will really help you become a better programmer (we will show and explain the solutions).
With older tools and versions of Android, you still have an edge over other developers
Learn not only how to program, but also "why". Why things go a certain way and so on.
- Coding challenges
Ready to challenge? Do you consider your own programmer?
Let's take part in the challenge and amazing coding competitions
- Ask the developers
Are you confused about coding?
Do you want to help with your project/application / or your bugs and bugs?
Do you want your Android app to be weird and cool?
We're here: Our team is ready to solve all of your problems, and we're working to build a wider programmer community that will help everyone code!
- Test coding
Over 300 questions in 12 codes are designed to improve your coding skills.
You will never become a master without completing these tests

Features of Master Android mod:

- All exclusive
- Removed ad

Installation instructions:

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2. Install and run it.
3. Enjoy!

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1. Download PC APK file ..
2. Transfer Apk files to your Android phone with PC (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it ..
4. Have Fun!

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