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Android richiesto:
Android 4.4 or higher
114 MB
2020.10.240 per Android
Aggiornato su:
dic 19, 2020
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Bullet League, B Roy brings all the excitement of the Royal Games to the palm of your hand. Simple controls, unique and fun art-style matches, and fast-paced matches that keep you coming back for more wins - over and over again!

And with just 15 seconds of matchmaking time and 3 minutes of fighting, enjoy great Battle Royale games, battlefield style - excitement and fun without weights or batteries!

Doom Island is waiting for you. List today!

Features - Bullet League & Battle Royale Games:

Be brave and hit with your friends
- Bra Braline with your friends and take part in the off-the-shelf Friday leaderboards!
- Up to three friends can play together on the battlefield as a couple or team!
Guns and weapons based gameplay
- Bullet physics can make your minigan a helicopter
- Powerful recall system for all weapons - and of course we have roommate jumps
Strategic Destructive 2D Building - Helps You Avoid Dangers and Trapped Enemies
- Upgrade your weapons and play in challenging areas
Multiple game modes
- Solo! Are you so bad that you have to live alone in the ruins of a free app for all 32 player matches?
- Success! Form groups and switch to other teams - revive your fallen teams and work together to survive on a brutal battlefield.
- Fresh mind! Create a private room and invite your friends! Or join your favorite streamer and win the battle of fame and glory!
- Suffering! Blow up, shoot and blow up most enemies in 3 minutes of intense fighting!
Jump for fun
- Optimized for all devices
- Simple and straightforward controls for the first mobile phone. To select multiple layouts
Quick Match - Quick Quick Matching
Fast multiplayer servers in 8 zones for fast connections and short intervals!
- Matchmaking time is only 15 seconds! The battlefield is always waiting and always ready!
Huge islands that need to be filled with huge valleys
- Explore epic and large areas to explore hidden rooms and spheres
- Find on the map to destroy rare items in hiding places
- Pay attention to the super drop for the top excellent weapon
Call, Customize, and Show!
- More than 30 unique characters to collect and explore!
- Build with custom construction bugs like burger crates!
- Custom tombstones, like golden toilets, compete in style!
The royal treatment with the VIP pass
- Earn extra daily rewards and leaderboard rewards
- Additional daily missions to challenge your skills
- Get access to unique skins
Tons of different types! See, we'll make a list
- Assault rifle
- Panzerf ust st
- Grenades
- Minigan
- Revolver
- Shotgun
- Sniper
- Uzi
- Gas grenade

MOD Features - Bullet League & Battle Royale:

- Unlock all
- Ad removed

Installation instructions:

* Have you visited this page on your mobile phone?
1. Download the application file to your mobile phone.
2. Install and run it.
3. That is, enjoy!

* Have you seen this page on a desktop or laptop?
1. Download APK file to PC.
2. Transfer the APK file from PC to your Android phone (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it.
4. That is, enjoy!

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