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giu 30, 2022

Colorful Stage APK is a music game that you can play for free. Vocaloid characters, including Hatsune Miku, play an important role in the game. You are set a challenge to find out why young people are drawn to a virtual world by a mysterious song without a melody or lyrics.

The song Untitled can be heard here

In particular, Isekai fans who have followed the series at one point will find Colorful Stage engaging and timely. With the help of music and friendship, Miku overcomes challenges and challenges with the rest of her virtual friends in the game. You can interact with 20 characters in the game.

This app has a large music library, as it is a rhythm game. Most of the songs in this app come from previous Vocaloid songs. Creating your own band is possible by collecting character cards. They allow you to create your own online music videos. You will be able to unlock more game features as you level up and earn high scores.

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The rhythm game itself has some problems, despite its excellent concept and trusted design. During play, lower-end devices are prone to experiencing lags, which throw their timing off and negatively impact user experience. Also, higher-difficulty games sometimes have muddier beats that are nearly impossible to follow. Players often experience these issues when they are playing a game with a character voice-over.


COLORFUL STAGE APK has 20 characters in total, divided into five groups. Players can explore each group's story in the story mode to discover their "real feelings". Additionally, you can form teams of characters to perform at "Sekai". You can either complete the quest or buy the character from the gacha machine to own it.


It is possible to form a team with up to four people in demonstration mode. You can play five different levels of songs: easy, normal, hard, expert, and master. As you score higher, you'll receive a higher rank for that card, ranging from C, B, and A to S. Show mode requires a certain amount of stamina, so if you're unfit, you can't participate.

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When you miss the note, your health will also be deducted, so when it reaches zero you have lost. To achieve high scores, you must be agile and accurate. Additionally, you need to build a reasonable squad to increase your score as well as level up and upgrade your character.


Sekai features a wide variety of souvenir shops where you can enjoy shopping. Prior to the Virtual Show, costume and accessory purchases can be made to customize the characters.

Join your friends in playing

This game has Rhythm as its primary genre, however, the developer has also been very creative. This game has Rhythm as its primary genre, however, the developer has also been very creative. In addition to the gacha, visual novel, and multiplayer modes, the game has Rhythm as its primary genre. The song can be listened to with up to four friends in a private room.

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COLORFUL STAGE APK was designed in Unity. Each character is well-designed and moves smoothly. The Virtual Show of your team character is also available when you are playing Show mode. In addition, the developer synthesizes voices for the characters using the Piapro Studio NT engine. Thus, regardless of whether the game is in Show mode or visual novel, each character has their own voice.

Experiencing difficulties can be challenging

The main difference between this game and other Rhythm games is that it requires an internet connection to play. To avoid playing delay and losing combos, you should have a strong wifi connection. In order to enjoy Virtual Show, your machine configuration must also be average. If you wish to avoid lagging while playing, you can also set the graphics to Lite.

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