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Android 4.4 or higher
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1 10, 2021
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Intelligent Transfer: The file-sharing app is a powerful cross-platform solution for transferring content on Android and iOS that supports all major smartphone and tablet platforms. This includes iPhone or Android transfer, phone copy, and more. This smart transfer app: File Sharing provides a secure way to transfer mobile devices or data from your phone or your old device to more than one device at a time. It effectively supports free secure file transfer and large file transfer over a hotspot/wifi network.

Smart Transfer, easy to create, is a free transfer application that provides a quick and easy way to transfer content and contacts, music transfer, photo transfer, calendar, file transfer, SMS transfer via SMS, WhatsApp ™ transfer and video transfer, and others. Large files will be transferred to your new device. This mobile content transfer is a secure sharing application. You forget to use Pesky apps and old methods of transferring content because phone data transfer is always a headache. However, with this phone cloning application, the data gets faster and faster. Now you can transfer data from phone to phone using Smart File Transfer, a free Android transfer tool: file-sharing application. This amazing transfer offers free solutions for large files including Bluetooth or more that have no limitations. Smart Transfer Cellular (3G / LTE) also offers free data transfer over networks as you can easily copy data from iOS to Android and Android. WiFi with the ability to transmit data over a WiFi hotspot or cellular network, this solution can be configured in many different ways to meet your specific and ever-changing needs. No matter what platform or device you're using, this free content transfer solution for apps is your key to all your data transfer needs. Switch between phone data or data transfer at any time with this free data transfer app in one place with all your important data to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone.

Smart File Transfer: Share Apps is an integrated design, quality-based, free, secure mobile transfer application with many notable features. The reliable phone clone application for Android data transfer saves time and allows easy content management, including copying my data from iOS to Android. Supported application for transferring content data to transfer to Android or iPhone on all major smartphone/tablet platforms:

- Contact transfer

- Transfer photos

- Video transmission

- Calendar transfer

- Reminder Broadcast

- Transfer of applications

- Telephone replica

- WhatsApp backup transfer

- Mass transfer of large files

- Support for more content types that will be added constantly.

Features of Smart Transfer: File Sharing App Apk:

- Cross-platform mobile transfer application

With this free phone clone data transfer solution or the best file sharing app, you will be trouble-free! Replaces everything directly from your old Android, iOS phone, or any other big platform/device which may be the best free app to transfer mobile content from iPhone to Android, iOS, Android, Android.

- Easy connectivity via QR code

Here are some of the best content transfer apps! Just connect the two phones wirelessly. Choose the type of content to transfer with the actual QR code for free secure file transfer and my smart transfer: Phone Clone app will do the rest No cloud backup, no more wires or cables.

- Supports many languages

This data transfer application supports multiple languages, making it a regional application. Easily broadcast content in 5 different languages ​​- English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese

And more Russian.

Mod Features: Smart Transfer: File Sharing App Apk:

- Unlock all

- Ad removed

Installation instructions:

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2. Install and run it.

3. That is, enjoy!

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