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7 22, 2022


In this app, a stray cat is lost, alone, and deprived of the family to escape from a long-forgotten city through the unraveling of an ancient mystery.

Stray takes place in the seedy underbelly of a decaying cybercity with its neon-lit alleys and murky environments. Explore this unwelcoming world filled with curious Droids and dangerous creatures, protect yourself from unforeseen threats, and solve its mysteries.

About Stray APK

In Project Stray, the player takes on the role of a cyberpunk hero in a third-person camera view. In this game, you'll play as an abandoned wandering cat who lost his family and is wandering the world alone. Prepare yourself to discover a secret from ancient times, escape from an abandoned city of cyberspace, and also find your way home.

A neon city will be teeming with dark streets and portals in a gloomy and dirty setting. It's necessary to explore the local basements and roofs and keep an eye on the situation, being careful not to get caught unawares. Defeat droids and dangerous creatures that live in these places as you solve the riddles that get in your way.

You can use the L2 and R2 triggers to claw at doors and furniture, creating scratch marks, or you can just jump on a stack of books and knock it over. I broke a glass cage below by knocking a paint can down a ledge in one challenge. Cats' heads can become trapped in sacks or curl up to nap, which can reveal a new region.

You travel across the environment like a cat in "Stray APK," which relies heavily on verticality. The city's narrow alleyways, neon signs, and dilapidated apartment buildings become jungle gyms as you parkour around the city, jumping from air conditioning units to apartment balconies to telephone poles.

Seamless integration of the environment into physics-based puzzles is reminiscent of the platforming sections in "Half-Life 2. Your surroundings must be analyzed in novel ways to find the answer. By pushing boards or rolling overturned barrels hamster wheel-style, for instance, you can create paths and stairs.


Stray APK has no fall damage, and there is no limit to the number of lives you can have in "Stray Mobile.". It creates tension seamlessly even in its most action-packed sections. Zirks, tiny chittering insects that consume anything they see and swarm upon sight, terrorize the slum's residents. Their clinging behavior is similar to that of Half-Life headcrabs. In spite of the fact that I was aware of the possibility of retrying the level as soon as I died. If one got a hold of me, I panicked and hit the button to shake it off because their unsettling high-pitched screams and jerky movements were unsettling.

Although they are compatible with weapons, they remain hazardous. My stomach would plummet every time I heard a fuse explode in the sound of a swarm of Zurks scrambling toward me when the cannon overheated.

The level design and environmental storytelling in "Stray Mobile" are masterful. The slums (despite their name) immediately feel alive, as if they know you are there (despite their name). Is watching over this poor stray kitten and making sure he doesn't get lost in what's bigger than himself. Invisible mechanical forces guide the path. Immediately, B-12 is revealed as the culprit. You're following a quiet mechanical hum of surveillance cameras as they monitor you as you run through alleyways lit by strings of lights flashing one by one to show what ledges you can jump to.

How to play:

  • Move by touching and dragging in the desired direction. Stray APK will allow you to earn more money as you collect coins.
  • If you see cybercity drones approaching, jump and run as fast as you can.
  • Win the game by collecting more than the target amount and eating Big Giant Burgers.
  • There are many challenging levels to complete in this Stray The Cat simulator game.

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