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Android 4.0.3 or higher
74.47 MB
1.1.0 Android 용
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10 23, 2016
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Get your shooting iron and evaluate out the chainsaw! Paper Toss Strike Night and Assurance Manufacturers Army of Darkness game for Android from NinJump.

Based on the tug-of-war, day-to-day defence game MGM classic movie, You Travel Time, ash rage from the castle of Lord Arthur, a defence of the S-Mart sales clerk Necronomicon and the upcoming loophole completely wrong. Of course, you can't do it alone! Calls to Lord Arthur Duke include Henry Reid, Sage, and fellow emissaries, their own timeless unclean book and our efforts to secure assistance to return. Army of Darkness: Defense cult film and terrible graphics and innovative casual gameplay ensure links with mobile gamers are entertaining attractions. So, remember the magic word and how to ensure that it will be the lace of your shoes, which combines an epic battle!

Darkness Defense Properties Game Army:

Ash Williams as Bruce Campbell
Wellesley, fully animated graphics
Fellow -A swordsmen to call in various armoured knights, archers and more
-50 opening waves and an infinite wave to unlock
100 hilarious quotes from over the movie
Deadites -Countless Smog
-Originally composed musical notes
Boomstick Chainsaw '88 death coasters and special abilities -Tons, including many magic
Including Arthur, Henry, Sheila, Wyman's Evil Ash and your favourite characters - all, many more!

Dark Defense Modern Military Features:

- Open All
- No ads

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