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Android 4.1 or higher
39.09 MB
1.0.2 Android 용
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5 27, 2017
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Indonesian Train Simulator is another stable, mega-successful "Euro Train Simulator" and another high quality train simulation game from the makers of Hybr Interactive's leading "Indian Train Simulator".

The Indonesian train simulator has a "track change" and a fully functional "signaling system". The game offers a self-contained rail environment in which all co-stars train and work in the real world. Dynamic lane changes and sophisticated path selection systems enable all AI trains to work smarter without stepping on each other's lanes. Now that players rely solely on signaling and lane change switches, the path they take is exponential. This means that they stop their trains on one of the platforms available at any station.

Features of Indonesian Train Simulator Games:

- Track Changes: A fully implemented track change function is implemented in the mobile train simulator.
- Signal: Indonesian train sim utilizes a fully functional signaling system. While waiting for the signal to turn green, players can see which other trains are moving.
- A messaging system informs the user of all game activities and suggests information about fines and bonuses if needed. Categories are speed, station, track switch, route, signal.
- Many weather and time options.
- Travelers: Special focus travelers who look and dress like Indonesian.
- Stations: Stations are designed to get the feel of an Indonesian train station. From kiosks to billboards, the attention to detail is amazing.
- Engine types: GE U18C, GE U20C, GE CC206
- Car Type: Passenger and Freight Car
- The soundtrack was created keeping in mind the modern Indonesian accent. Train noise is the best in the class.
- Camera Angles: There are many interesting camera angles available: Driver, Cabin, Overhead, Bird's Eye, View, Backward, Signal, Orbit and Passenger.
- High-quality graphics: The levels of graphics have been brought to a new level, and anyone familiar with Indonesian routes will tell you how realistic the design is.
- Available Stations: Serious, Karong, Provider, Bandung.

Features of Indonesian Train Simulator Mod:

- Removed ad

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