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Android 4.0 or higher
38.96 MB
1.50.0 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
2 01, 2017
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Pyramid Solitaire Saga Sweets Crush Saga and Fungus Maker Heroes Saga!
This magical solitaire game challenge is waiting for you.
Unveil the wonders of the ancient world and Helena with her faithful companion Kingsley.
Find the links to catch carats hidden under scarabs card. You can fit more than one deck or more than one on a card.
Keep scarabs and notes and word appear on their travels to find the long-hidden treasures and magic of ancient things.
Discover Chepre completed a hidden treasure to reignite and reveal each episode to reveal a magical new world of transport.
In a world where epic adventure places lost in the tomb hidden, you expect the sapphire dream and exploration out!
Fans of Saga or some games can look forward to the highest score to watch alone!

Pyramid Solitaire Saga game characteristics:

• A new way of solitaire with exotic graphics from the play area and ancient experience
• Transport Helena's treasure hunters and the magical new world with Kingsley Smart Gerbil
• Help with challenging levels of powerful boosters
Unlock • Booster exciting levels and travel through hidden treasures!
• Easy and fun for master challenging play
• Hundreds of adventurous levels completely - more!
• Rank to see your friends and competitors!
• Unlock Internet game synchronization between simple devices and full version, when the game is joined
• Available to play on mobile and tablet devices

Modern Features of Pyramid Solitaire Saga:

- Open All

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