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Android 2.3 or higher
19.59 MB
1.438.176 Android 용
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10 22, 2017
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The best Instagram video editor and photo editor, with no watermark, with no background or cropping?
Add music and other effects to videos for YouTube?
Merge video with effects and trim?
Professional photo editor with collages, filters, text, stickers, etc.
The highest-rated video/photo editor with an average of 6.6 ratings!
Insight - The best video for adding music, effects and text to videos, blurring the edges of videos, YouTube videos, wail videos, dubsmash videos, lip sync videos and the best Instagram Video Editor Pro and Photo Editor with Google Play for Judge Challenge. Chat Lounge

Features of Video Editor Music, Cut, No Crop applications:

Video Editor Pro
- Supports most video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, 3GP etc.
Merge multiple videos with effects
- Video trimming, editing, video compression and video conversion.
- Video editor with text, emoji, stickers and watermark.
Video Fusion
Put lots of videos with all kinds of effects and put together the best videos
Video Converter
Easily convert videos into MP4 format, free video converter.
Crop and trim video
- Cut and crop the video to the desired length.
- Easy synchronization of video timeline, sound and video.
Video Compressor
- Compress video size with custom output resolution.
- HD video output resolution is supported.
Photo Editor Pro
- Unique filters and colourful backgrounds, brightness adjustment, contrast, warmth, saturation and more.
- Rotate, flip, and zoom functions
- Many relationships are supported, e.g. B. 4: 5, 2: 3, 9:16, 3: 4, 1: 1.
- Sweet frames, increase the bonus for your photos
- Add downloaded music or music to videos on your phone.
- Adjust music volume and music fade in/out options.
- Video Producer and Vine Video Editor, Music Video Editor Pro.
Text and sticker
- Add subtitles to your videos, many fonts are supported.
- Add clear text to create your own watermark.
- Trend stickers and emoji for photos and videos.
- Photo Editor and Video Editor Pro.
Collage Mode
Lots of stylish layouts.
- Choose different filters for each grid.
- Crop any photo you like.
Blurred field
Blurred background for photos and videos, free video creator and video converter
- Share your work on social media without having to harvest.
Easy to share
- Custom video output resolution. All are one video converter.
- Share social apps.

MOD Video Editor Music, Cut, No Crop Features:

- Unlock everyone
- Removed ad

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