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Android 4.1 or higher
79.23 MB
번역: Android 용
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2 11, 2018
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The move encourages you to walk more as you explore the Infinite Galaxy!

The Galaxy Adventure game has been paired with a pedometer!

Thanks for supporting 500,000 Android players.

EasyCord Daily and King King Steps automatically recognizes the beautiful galaxy and achieves your fitness goals.

One small step for you. A light-year to walk! Go to a fantastic hiking spot abroad and start your adventure through the unlimited universe. On an 11-year-old rocket built by a genius, you fill your "running energy" ship and discover more than 50 beautiful planets, such as the caramel apple, the octopus cave and the heart of the flames. Will be able to do even more! Across the universe, you will also find happily lost spacemen who will need your help along the way. This is the adventure you have been waiting for!

Features: Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure Games:

Build your own galaxy to increase the population and break new ground

Ever describe the ever-expanding, infinite universe

Ndountertech mission to help amazing creatures find their home across the galaxy

Features: Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure Mod:

- Unlock all

- Ad removed

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