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jul 23, 2022

You can work a job, trade, or trade for money in My Journey: Sebastia, a life simulator. You're ready to hit the road! Just fix your summer car!

This game brings the village life to its players with all its naturalness, as we try to survive in the village of Sebastia. Working and trading jobs like farming are necessary for survival.

Using My Journey Sebastia and doing the tasks provided will earn you money. Shopping can be done this way. Using your money carefully is important since trading is a major part of the mod game.

Racing cars, Taurus trucks, pickup trucks, buses, and tractors can be found in the village. These tools can be used in any way you like. In the village grocery store, you can buy what you need when you need it.

Build mechanics are also available in My Journey Sebastia APK. Building your own house is possible in the game via the construction tab. Walls, windows, doors, and roofs of the house can be placed however you like.

Almost ready:

  • Improvements in performance and new inputs
  • Automobiles of the future
  • Items added to the store
  • There are new jobs available
  • Systems for completing tasks
  • Systems should be built
  • System of crafting
  • The human capital system
  • A trading system for commodities
  • An overview of the traffic system
  • System of NPC friends
  • System of electricity

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