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jul 21, 2022

An open-world survival game, The Survivalists APK is based on the survival of the species. In the Escapists universe, the game is set. On the island, the player will discover many mysteries and secrets. You will research, craft items and equipment, build a house, and teach monkeys. There is often a need to defend the area from predatory fauna, as in many games of this genre.

Day and night are dynamically changed in the gameplay. There are parameters for stamina and hunger for the hero. Animals in the local area can be hunted for food. You will be hunted by those animals that are hunting you. In the settlement, a mysterious stranger offers various quests. A bottle containing messages in it is also on the shore, where you can get secondary tasks.

New landscapes and wildlife are created by procedurally generating jungles. In The Survivalists APK, players can play multiplayer together and survive harsh conditions in teams of up to four people. Participants will have access to tasks simultaneously. Players can exchange gear, resources, and loot with one another throughout the gameplay. Raids can be organized together and treasures can be found throughout the territory. You can find swords and other reinforced weapons in ancient temples, along with treasures and treasures.

They can build, log, or even serve as soldiers if hired as recruits. Training can include attacking neighboring settlements as well as learning any craft. As you play, you can prepare food, learn new skills, make a primitive ax, and mix a refreshing fruit cocktail to quench your thirst.

Discover a world of possibilities and adventure! We are living on an island! Discover the secrets of your newfound home as the day and night cycles change.

Food is found by hunting (or being hunted by!) animals, as well as a variety of mythical enemies who may not be pleased to see you. Mysterious Strangers can provide quests or they can wash up on the shore with them. Get ready for an adventure that is unique to every player as you trek through a procedurally generated wilderness with a variety of biomes.

Together we can build, together we can survive

Have you ever been to an island that was too perilous for you, or would you rather just share your experience with friends? You're covered by The Survivalists! You and three fellow castaways explore an island paradise together, gain loot and trade, and ultimately survive together.

The monkey sees the monkey does!

A tamed monkey can serve as a builder, lumberjack, or soldier, helping you with everyday tasks or backing up on raids if you need them. Monkey management becomes critical to surviving the island's challenges with the Mimic System, which allows banana-loving friends to perform a wide variety of functions.

Get Crafty

Using your resources wisely is the key to survival. You can discover recipes across food, item, and structure crafting trees, whether you're making an axe or making a fruit smoothie to keep hunger at bay.

Put yourself through the wringer

Would you like to lay waste to encroaching hostiles with an epic sword on your hut wall? There are many labyrinths on the island where you might find the treasure you seek. Anyone looking for treasure will need to make preparations for their treasure hunting expedition if they want to get their hands on the loot.

Features of The Survivalists APK

  • There are 40+ new tidbits to choose from
  • Leveling your player character is now possible with trinkets. Each player can earn four trinket slots that can be filled with a variety of trinkets.
  • A wide variety of lasting damage items such as burning damage, death bombs, infection, shields, tool damage, and damage reduction.
  • Each Trinket has 4 unique tier slots, so you can customize based on your play style.
  • By completing Taskmaster objectives, you can earn Trinkets recipes.
  • This can be supported by a new trinket bench.

The TaskMaster team has grown to four

  • Beyond the island where the taskmaster started, there are four more taskmasters.
  • Most of these are tied to trinkets and offer ever-increasing rewards when completed.
  • Each challenge has a unique reward. Over 50 new challenges are available.
  • Among the types of taskmasters are... Beastmasters, Collectors, Gourmands, and Salesmen.

Five new pets to meet

A companion can be gained if you find an egg and nurture it.

There are changes in caves

You must have something to enter these now because they are 'gated'.

To support trinkets, there are now several new resources inside.


Animals and collectibles are tracked in a bestiary, as well as resources you might find on them.

A new collection of collectibles

A total of ten new collectibles can be found and new items can be crafted to find them.

There are changes in our world

  • At the end of labyrinths, new rewards are available. In addition, internal mobs have been adjusted.
  • It is now possible to repair legendary weapons on the repair bench and gain them as rewards from taskmasters.
  • With the new generation, you'll find more distinct islands, varying in difficulty, and breadcrumbs to help you find your way.
  • During the Regenerate session, you will be able to take your inventory, the mysterious chest, the unlocked blueprints, as well as five monkey friends with you to get a head start. In order to use the new features, this is required.
  • As a result of the new features, I have found many new items.
  • There are now harder Orclings on Skull Island, especially.

Animals new to the world

A 'loot goblin' is one of the two new animals.

In some cases, it is necessary to have elite variations of existing animals.

Taking part in elite hunting

By summoning elite variants, you can earn rewards for the Taskmasters by defeating them.

What's New

  • Resources and items new to the site
  • Supporting new features has been added with new items, recipes, and resources.
  • As you fulfill Taskmaster objectives, you will be rewarded with items that can be added to your inventory.
  • It is not uncommon for taskmasters to reward you with mysterious tokens.
  • Gain access to the new Token Shop by completing tasks.
  • Resolved bugs and improved performance.
  • The shadows on some crops were missing or incorrect.
  • A problem with missing animation frames on attacks facing north has been resolved.
  • An issue where the silhouette of the player did not appear behind mountains has been fixed.
  • The repair bench would disappear when multiple weapons were added to it.
  • There was an issue with some items not being visible when hung on a wall.
  • When returning from an online session, Monkeys would disappear on rare occasions.
  • The indestructibility of reward chests has been fixed.
  • Steam controller profiles were incorrectly setting the B button as the A button.
  • There have been more fixes for saving corruption.
  • Improvements and fixes to general bugs.

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