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Are you interested in starring in a sci-fi movie? Would you mind designing a sloth-proof house? Or would you rather just hang out at the mall with your friends? With Toca Life World, you have the power! Over 90 locations can be explored, along with over 500 characters. Are you feeling creative? Be sure to check out the Home and Character Designer tools. Let's get started!

Creating your own world is the best way to achieve the dream of having a world of your own! With Toca Life, you can now play all the apps in one place, with everything connected, and even more ways to play.

Get started building your own world in no time in Bop City, with vibrant possibilities! You can do whatever you want, from going for a walk to shopping in a mall or even doing something completely out of the ordinary. The choice is yours. I mean, it's your world, right? Become the only and true creator of it all, by putting your characters into crazy tasks and building new locations! 

About Toca Life World APK

A wonderful video game for all ages, Toca Life: World will appeal to both children and adults. In terms of genre, it's similar to titles such as 'Miga Town'. However, now you have the opportunity to create anything you want in a full fantasy world complete with a wide variety of free toys to play with and activities to explore.

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You enter a computer-generated world that is uniquely yours in Toca Life: World. It won't be long before you stumble upon the house where you live with your friends. You can also visit shops, eat at restaurants, go to theme parks, and so much more. Furthermore, just as in 'MigaTown,' you can interact and enjoy each part of your surroundings. Mixing the items you pick up and keep will allow you to create new items. Buying tomatoes and spaghetti will allow you to prepare a tasty pasta dish. Put some rice together with some fresh fish, and you have sushi!

Although there will be other people sharing your space when you get home, you can still personalize your space and move in. You can even kick out your roommates and opt to live alone if you want. However, you are free to change things up however you wish. Also, you can move all the furniture around your new house to make it your own, customizing it in any way you like. Moreover, if you visit a store and then return home, the items you bought will still be in your hands when you go through your front door. As if you were in a real store. Thanks to Toca Life: World, you can live a delightful virtual fantasy life filled with fun details.

Toca Life: World features amazing graphics and an almost infinite number of crafting and playing options.

Features of Toca Life World APK

In Toca Life World, you can create your own world however you like! There are also tons of other fun features. Here's what it has to offer:

Playstyle unique to this game

Nowadays, there are many kid's games available, but not all of them are on the level of Toca Life World. There are many different storylines that can be created in this game. Even bringing pets to school is allowed in this game. There's nothing stopping you from creating the perfect world you've always wanted! Additionally, you can visit many interesting sites in this area that will delight you! Play Toca Life World and create your own stories!

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Initially, there are 8 locations in Toca Life World that you can explore. Malls, food courts, apartments, and hairdressers are examples of such places. That's a fantastic start to creating the world you can only dream of. As this is only the tip of the iceberg, you can unlock a lot more places.

Create storylines

You can create whatever you want in this game! You're free to make up your own story and world in this game because there is no storyline. Everything can be customized, played, and enjoyed. There are so many options! There are many things to do in this salon, such as getting crazy haircuts.

Characters and locations can be purchased

You can unlock 300 characters and 50 locations in this game! A total of 125 pets can be purchased to create the most complex and beautiful world! Playing the game allows you to create unique worlds because these elements allow you to do so.

Graphics that are stunning

The graphics in Toca Life World are cartoon-like, which makes the game stand out! The game is well-made, even though it takes place in 2D! The design is excellent.

Download and Installation Process

You can access your favorite content by downloading the application using the Toca Life World APK from here, whether you are using an Android mobile or tablet. You have to follow these steps to download and install the application.

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  • Downloading the application from your browser is the first step in installing it.
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  • Once the installation process is complete click on your downloaded app icon. Afterward, you will see the home screen of the app. Click on the Play or Start button and then choose the option you want in the app. You will get the app. Then you can start using it.


Following is a list of frequently asked questions. If you still have any questions you can leave a comment in the contact section. Unfortunately, we can't promise anything, but we'll do our best to answer your questions. We hope that you can find solutions to your problems in our friendly community, which is generous, helpful, and reliable. If possible, do help others.

Que. The app appears to be secure, but how secure is it? Is it infected with a virus or Trojan?

Ans. There's no reason to worry about it. Hackers use the same methods to crack apps as they do to code malware! Despite the fact that it is not a virus, antivirus software detects and removes the crack.

Que. To download Toca Life World APK, permission from the Android App is required.

Ans. Applications on your device require access to certain devices and systems. During the installation of an application, you will be notified of the permissions it needs to run.

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Que. What is the cost of the app?

Ans. No, you are not charged for downloading this amazing app, which means you can enjoy it without worrying about any cost.

Que. Mod APKs are safe to install, aren't they?

Ans. You should not install a modified APK file in this way, as it is not secure. It depends on the needs of the user. But before installing Toca Life World APK, make sure you know its package name, version, developer (use ES File Explorer), and permissions for its APK in Play Store.


From a third-party website, you will be able to download any version of Toca Life World APK. All versions of apps will be stored and you will be able to move them however you want.

Unlike the Play Store, downloading is instant, and you don't have to wait for the review process.

APK files get downloaded to your memory card/system memory during the download process. This will make you uninstall and install them again and again.


Sometimes it seems that Google does not check apps downloaded from third-party sources. As a result, your phone may get damaged.

You may find viruses in APK files that can harm your phone or steal information from it.

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The Google Play Store isn't always accessible to your apps, so they won't update automatically.


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