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jul 21, 2022

A new adventure-styled RPG, Town Of Fashion APK takes place in the small town of Valencia filled with secrets and populated entirely by beautiful women.  When the villager stumbles into an unknown realm, he learns that he must fulfill a crucial role: save those who watch over Valencia with Pleasure!   

You've got a tricky puzzle to solve!  Get to know the villagers and help out around Valencia!  Get ready to explore the exciting world full of lusty Monster Girls!

This dating simulator places you in the role of a woman trying to get dates with different men in the town. You can interact with the characters in a variety of ways across eight different scenarios in the game. It is possible to talk to them and go on dates with them. The way the story unfolds can also be affected by your choices.


You will keep coming back to Town Of Fashion because it is engaging and addictive. Creating buildings, unlocking new areas, and improving the town's economy will need to be done strategically in order to attract citizens. You won't get bored because each challenge can be approached in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the game's key features:

  • Choosing a character and exploring the town is part of the fun in Town Of Fashion APK, a life simulation game.
  • For hours on end, you will be entertained by the beautiful graphics and gameplay.
  • To keep things interesting, we have a variety of missions and goals.
  • There are a number of shops, restaurants, and clubs to explore in the town.
  • It is also possible to find love, go on quests, and make friends.
  • Ballroom dancing, fishing, and other games are available in the town.
  • As the game progresses, more content is discovered.

This is an interesting story

It is the story of an ordinary peasant boy in the Town of Passion. One day, he found himself lost in a strange land with no idea how to escape. As a result of circumstances, he decided to settle here and start a new life.

The beautiful girls who live with him in this town appear beside him and appear beside him all the time. This Valencia town is mysterious, and your mission is to explore it as that farmer. Despite its small size, Valencia is surrounded by a mystical world. In order to uncover these monstrosities, you need to complete quests and encounter interesting characters.

Experiences with the game should be evaluated

There are still some bugs in Town Of Fashion APK, to be fair. Conversation buttons, however, rarely affect the game's quality or user experience too much. Town Of Fashion shows excellent dialogue and interactions between characters. In addition to the sex scenes, I think the game has excellent construction, not just when it comes to the art. Instead of using meaningless sex scenes, the game builds a humane story behind the sex scenes, unlike many other adult games. An interesting world, great characters, and hot scenes are nothing to complain about when a game offers such things.

A graphic or image that engages the viewer

A 2D graphics platform is used in Town Of Fashion APK, although it is quite simple and does not look too sharp. In spite of this, the beautiful and eye-catching character creation still attracts a large number of players. When the characters appear, the image is designed in a more detailed manner and is no longer blurred as it is in a simulation game.

There is something unique and eye-catching about the textures and clothes as well. There is a definite feeling of playing a classic role-playing game because every detail is reproduced lifelike.

Sound on-demand

The sound effects and technology standard used in the creation of Town Of Fashion APK are RPG Maker MV. As you progress through the game, you will hear the voices of the characters and other sounds. To help players get more excited, the sound effects are quite good. Be sure to turn up the game sound loud and clear if you want to enjoy this game to its fullest!

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