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jul 21, 2022

Find an alternative platform if you're bored. Members are able to build new relationships worldwide as a result of this. For those using Android, we recommend installing Y99 Chat's latest version.

It is in truth a great application for chatting with random strangers. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of audio and video calling options. You can download it for free without registering or paying.

What is Y99 Chat Apk

The official social application of Y99 Chat Android can be found online. It is now possible for Android users to easily create hundreds of chat rooms and groups online using this application. Joining chat rooms and having random conversations with their friends is also fun.

This is a free service that does not require a subscription. A simple registration process is also provided. A one-click registration option has been implemented by the developers. The registration issue can be resolved by over tapping the single button.

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The main dashboard can now be accessed once the registration process is complete. Random chat rooms can be accessed by overriding the main dashboard. Inside chatrooms, you can explore several different accounts and ask for private chats.

Y99 Chat APK allows users to create voice and video calls. It is necessary to have smooth connectivity in order to generate these calls. These different media files can also be shared within private chat rooms.

Hacking issues cause those who do not feel secure. The chat history and shared media files will all be hosted on secret servers, so there's no need to worry about their sensitive information. As a result, it seems impossible to detect or search for those servers.

Voice calls and live video chats

Whether you're meeting boys and girls online or talking to your own friends, we make it very easy for you to make live video or voice calls. Using the app is as easy as using your usual calling app. Meet new people and enjoy random video chats.

Engage strangers in conversation

Do you simply not enjoy video chatting? Would you describe yourself as shy? Once again, we're offering you random text matches that will help you form new friendships. Sorry, do you like video calls? You are also covered by us. With this video calling app, you can start a live video chat at any time.

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Video calls are free of charge

Whenever you make video calls to your favorite person, you will not be charged. Whenever you want, you can do a video call for free.

Message history and text history

Take a trip down memory lane? Once again, we have your back. The MESSAGES tab in your account always shows the messages you've exchanged with your friends.

Sign in with a single tap

You can use this chat app for text and images, video and voice notes, as well as voice calling and video chat. There is a very simple answer to this question. All you need to do is choose a username for yourself.

A feature of Instant Messaging

Are you still unsure about going on a video call? You can simply text chat using the messaging feature.

In social media

Y99 Chat APK allows you to interact with your friends for free. Build relationships by chatting away emotions. Get to know people from around the world.

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Design with robustness

There is no confusion. Chatting, playing games, listening to music, writing things, and changing your profile are all possible on one page.


With Y99 Chat APK, you can run it on any type of network, since it is a native application. Are you having trouble connecting? The upcoming fun won't be affected.


Robot mod will block most spam. Human moderators will block others.

A selection of memes and news

Among many other things, you can read and post blogs, memes, and more.

Night Mode

When you chat in night mode, your eyes can rest in a dark environment.

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The ability to connect to social networks

It is possible to add people to your friend list if you meet people who share your interests.

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