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jul 21, 2022

A lush resort located in the heart of The Zomi Woods provides all the amenities you could need for an enjoyable weekend getaway, including a swimming pool, a recreation center, and walking trails through the wilderness. The Deluxe Retreat is just a phone call away!

About Zombie Retreat APK

It is a role-playing game about a young man's camping retreat in Zombie's Retreat. When a sudden outbreak spreads across the camp, what was meant to be a bonding experience goes horribly wrong. 

It's up to one hero to save the beautiful women remaining and put an end to this horrible mystery plaguing the city. Welcome to Crimson City! A city is known for its diverse districts, cutting-edge technology, and promising citizens.


During a summer camping retreat, a young man goes on an action RPG called Zombie Retreat APK. An evil outbreak spreads across the camp during what was supposed to be a bonding experience. The player is charged with saving any and all survivors, while attempting to escape in one piece, under very 'strange' circumstances! I am currently working on my main project, Town of Passion, which is set in the same universe as Zombie's Retreat! From that project, expect some cross-overs and story references!

Mechanics and style:

It is extremely lovely to look at the individual designs because they are innovative and unique. It goes a long way in energizing you to find out more survivors. The ladies are gorgeous and it gets you energized quite a bit.

The element pictures and the interactivity, reminiscent of classic top-down games like Corpse Party, are both perfect and slick. You can easily see what the game is telling you; the activity is straightforward, and the variety scheme is excellent to match the high quality of the game.

FEATURES of Zombie Retreat APK

  • An action RPG set in an apocalyptic world.
  • There are five types of weapons
  • Various types of items can be picked up by 10 companions.
  • There are five types of bosses with different strategies
  • System of transportation. The distance between towns could be covered without walking.
  • System of Crafts. Items for quests and weapon bullets can be crafted
  • Several side quests accompany the main quest.


Easy, Standard and Hardcore are the three difficulty levels in Zombie's Retreat. The best way to get the most out of the game is to start with Standard. In any of the scenes, none of the difficulties have changed.


Suitable for beginners or for those interested in seeing what the scene looks like. Changes to the easy difficulty can be found here.

  • It's possible to cheat with Void
  • A 100% salvage bonus is available to party members when they obtain items from salvage points.
  • There are Z-Colas available
  • Zombie sightings outside are low. It is slower for electric zombies. 

The standard

This game is intended for players who are seeking a moderate challenge. The standard difficulty changes are listed here.

  • It is not possible to download Cheat Void
  • It is 66% more likely that party members will obtain items from salvage points if they are with you.
  • There are Z-Colas available
  • Zombie sightings outside are moderate.

A hard-core enthusiast

A challenge for experienced players. A list of the hardcore difficulty changes can be found below.

  • There is no cheat for Void
  • It is 66% more likely that party members will obtain items from salvage points if they are with you.
  • It is not possible to purchase Z-Cola
  • Outside, there are a high number of zombies sighted. There is an earlier appearance of stronger zombies. 

How to play Zombie Retreat APK

  • You can move anywhere on the screen by tapping it
  • You can open or cancel the menu by tapping ESC
  • Attack with pgD by tapping it
  • You can change your weapon by tapping pgU

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