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Wymagany Android:
Android 2.3 or higher
43.58 MB
1.6 dla Android
lis 17, 2018
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Ten apk jest wolny od wirusów i bezpieczny do pobrania z tego lustra.


Gunners Banfield 2016: Superhero Shot
Best shooter on the battlefield; Cruelty! Go to victory!
You are the hero of the Army of Soldiers because of your past war and special operations records. You are the best sniper military, the true warrior who is the hero of every firing zone. The Armed Forces rely on your combat, combat, survival, and shooting skills and knowledge that you are their best shooter and shooter. That is why you were selected for special operations by the military. You will help to win the war against enemy troops and terrorists to save your city and country and be able to act as an army rifleman and sniper. Use your modern military weapons and army cannons to confront and kill enemy terrorists. The Navy and Air Force will help you with their superweapons and modern weapons. Through warships, air force fighters, and jets, you can easily destroy enemy terrorists with bombs and airstrikes. It is a war of survival and only a true commando soldier like you can destroy the enemy and help him win it. Use all your powers including snipers to stop and kill the enemy so that you can strike as much as you can with all your skills to survive and win this battle. Fight the enemy fearlessly. Shoot right because this is the only way you can win this battle. The only thing you can trust now is your weapons and your shooting skills.

This is enough mission to keep you shooting for hours and play 3D action shooting game for free. Shoot like a real sniper commando and win this battle to save your city. Fight against all shots from the enemy side because this is the most important way to survive. Keep shooting your hard work and gun until you kill all the enemy terrorists and win this battle for your city like a true military soldier commando hero.
Enjoy this fantastic 3D shooter game Battlefield! And please don't forget to comment on this free shooter war game! Your comments are very valuable to us!


- Real FPS (first-person shooter) view
- Surprisingly real ambush to start the game
- Real enemy army with helicopters and tanks
- Air Force support
- Good story
- Efficient gun control and movement
- Excellent atmosphere
- Strange sounds of war
- Simple GUI and controls
- Shoot the ego
- Real battlefield
- Enemy riflemen
- The best shooting game
- Includes tanks, riflemen, helicopters, and planes


- Unlock all
- Ad removed

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