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Android 4.4 or higher
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1.2.5 dla Android
kwi 29, 2017
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Ten apk jest wolny od wirusów i bezpieczny do pobrania z tego lustra.


Decorate Pixel Paradise or destroy the world with your divine 8-bit touch in Sandbox Evolution, Pixel is the first game in the art world to be created.
Create a fun world with over 170 elements and perfectly controlled heroes. Create a pixel dungeon, puzzle, city, or anything in between - In Sandbox Evolution, your world can be up to 10x larger than the original Sandbox game. Create a game, create pixel art or create a world with life, objects, platforms and enemies around you.

You can create a universe in Sandbox Evolution. There is no limit to your creativity and imagination!
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The Sandbox Evolution & Craft! Game:

Building the World Pyramid by Pixel

- Create a pixel world from scratch or use templates
- To release items, press to zoom and pan to scroll
- Create a world 10x bigger than the previous Sandbox games

Unleashed element

- 170 elements can be mixed and matched to achieve unique results
- Mud, water, sand, fire, metal, electricity, acid, lava and more

Make life

- Playing God begins with a tap. Add dogs, bears, subarith tigers and more to your world
- Create trees to add beauty to your world
- Build a city with houses, castles and eagles
- Build a vibrant life in your world with people

Enhance your feeling

- Absolute miracles like the Python of Parthenon and Giza
- Diversify your culture with characters from all over the world

Create a world or new technology

- It's called C4, Meteor, Nitro, TNT. Or else destroy it
- Crafting technologies like batteries, crossword puzzles, light bulbs, LEDs, sensors and more

Pixel art and 8-bit music

- Pixel Art Maker is simple and fun
- 8-bit pixel art drawing with 100-bit colors
- Create retro chiptune songs

Create your own game

- Customize game elements like 4x4 blocks, platforms, portals, traps and enemies.
- The video game maker offers the right hero characters in control for instant testing
- Shoot with Arnold, fly with Fujin and more
- Build your game with an 8-bit pixel platformer level in less than a minute

Create a sprinter game

- Runner expeditions with fast new levels
- Create your own runner game with new extra long cards
- Runner Heroes lets you jump and hover twice

Browse and share AR offline

- Share your world with other players
- Search the world for keywords or keywords (pixel art, music, arcade, etc.).
- Filter for the latest or hottest creations
- Rate your favorites and get inspired
- Follow your favorite players and top developers
- Bookmark your favorite layers anytime to remember them.
- Save and synchronize progress online progress via Facebook or email
- Level Ranking - Can you take 1st place?

Challenge camp and daily queries

- Take a look at the universe created at 13 campaign levels
- Explore the prehistoric world and fight caves against bears and wolves
- Pixel Art Tutorial in Zen Drawing Pixel Art Campaign
- Daily Question: Challenge the best levels. Make your own for a chance to feature
- Smash and use new power-ups like Turbo Boost

Natural discount games

- Disaster Campaign: A new campaign based on real natural disasters.
- Tornado: Lead a Tornado and Blow the World (literally)
- Earthquake: shake it with a sub-center generator
- Lightning: Shoot lightning with your fingers
- Nook: Last bombing

Sandbox Development Tasks - Crafts! Mod:

- Unlock everyone
- Removed ad

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