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set 01, 2016
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360 Battery & Battery Saver No Ads is a free new battery saver application, with up to 50% higher average battery life, increasing battery life mode. With performance monitoring energy saving, a tap comes with power management and battery-saving time, and make sure you are Make your batteries optimized for low battery, background applications and hardware and other cases to ensure charge consuming power consumption. Keeps. Under the lightning-saving mode, the app finds out why your battery is power and you should be killed by making them explained to the energy battery saver. In addition, the 360 ​​Battery - Battery Saver app provides you with solutions while creating your battery life to preserve possible health. They maintain your battery life and help maintain effective battery power, extend battery power and reduce charge time, 360 battery during your devices. Free Download 360 Battery - Extensive battery life to extend the device's battery saver application with a single tap.

360 Battery Positive Features

- Battery Saver Application
- A rooster battery saver improves battery life, closing the drainage of battery applications, and tap background life.
- The Advanced Power Saver application automatically performs startup applications to conserve battery power.
- Peer Wakeup Power Saver: Stop programs enabled by extending battery life off by other methods.
- Energy Saving Mode
- Monitor battery life, such as temperature, battery power and pressure to save battery life as a clear image as battery power saving.
- Battery power calculations
- Battery time accuracy estimates with the current status of device and battery power.
- 24-hour power consumption chart
- Real-time, your application details and customization options erode your battery power consumption state monitoring power.
- Smart Battery Saver
- Understanding optics saves battery power selection depending on the various theories used and if you have used it to keep most of your energy.
- Improvement and healthy charge
- At various charge stages, it meets its best state of charge to ensure a healthy battery charge the battery that monitors the battery during its lifetime.
- Exception memory
- You have to optimize your device time and battery temperature and power consumption except for remembering an application.
- Automatic cooling and increased charge
- Effective battery cooling when the battery is hot; You have to spend less time next time to start enjoying the charge of charging at battery speed.

360 Battery Positive Features Battery Saver Modern:

- Remove all ads

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