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HOLOCURE APK is glad to have you here!

The game features the vtuber talent of Hololive and is heavily influenced by Magic Survival and Vampire Survivors. Develop a custom character by gathering powerful weapons and items and experimenting with a variety of combinations! Can you complete the game and reach the top rankings despite the endless waves of enemies?

Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival fangames inspired the development of HoloCure, a fangame made by followers of VTuber Hololive. Introducing Hololive Vampire Survivors along with their familiar references, this unofficial Hololive game contains many features including Vampire Survivors.

About HoloCure APK

Unlike other games like Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival, HoloCure is not actually a game on its own but an integrated component of Hololive's service. On the day of its release, it became a huge hit thanks to its creator Kay Yu. The Hololive service is used by millions of creators, so the game features many Hololive creators as well. To enjoy its amazing gameplay, you must download this game today if you haven't already. Having elements of different things in this game is the reason it's so popular. In addition, the developers released updates after it became popular.

How does this fan-made game compare to Hololive? Let's take a look!

Fans of Hololive are playing HOLOCURE APK, the game created by VTuber Hololive Fans for the second time.

VTuber Hololive fans have been captivated by a fangame called HOLOCURE. In fact, Hololive fans have created this game, which is inspired by Vampire Survivors and Magic Survival games.

What are your thoughts on the game Vampire Survivors? VTubers from Hololive's team such as Pekora, Ina, Botan, Fubuki, and others have played the game created by the developer poncle.

Additionally, some Hololive fans have created games based on vampire survivors with a Hololive VTuber personality that can be used with various skills and upgrades. There are a variety of opponents that you will meet, ranging from monsters, mascots, and VTubers Hololive themselves, with their own special references.

The features include:

  • 11 Hololive characters can be unlocked and played with through Gacha (in-game currency only). 
  • Hololive's "HoloEN" members appear in this demo. We will also add members of "HoloJP" and "HoloID" in future updates.
  • Each character has a unique skill and special attack
  • Access dozens of unique weapons and passive items
  • Remixes of Hololive songs created by Eufrik
  • Mechanisms are hidden in plain sight
  • Defend yourself against Hololive's classic characters and mascots
  • (A future update will add controller support)

Hololive is the VTuber who played this song

HOLOCURE APK is not only popular with fans, but is also widely played by several VTubers, including Korone, Ara, Watame, Ollie, Reine, and many others. They all expressed appreciation for the fangame made by their fans.

A very unique gameplay experience

As it features its own unique world, this game stands out from others available on the internet. There is something interesting about everything, from the characters to the maps to the gameplay. You can start playing the game with about 11 different Hololive characters after installing it.

With your friends, form a team

It is also possible to play matches with your friends in real-time when you add them to the game. Playing different types of matches can be done in its various modes. As well as buying and sending gifts to your friends, you can also get special bonuses using the in-game currency.

External controllers can be used to play

A very limited set of features was available when HoloCure was launched. As time has passed, the developers have added several updates to the game, making it a fully-featured mobile game. The game now supports external controllers for playing and enabling hidden mechanics.

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