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Protect the weak, create hope, and become a great shooter in the open city of New York. In the midst of the conflict that ignites, defeat The Freeman so that society can recover.

Players using handheld devices can control the game through an adapted interface and control system. Enjoy stunning views and landscape details as you travel around the city. The best graphics will blow your mind.

About The Division Resurgence APK

An open-world urban third-person shooter RPG, The Division Resurgence features a massive urban setting. In addition to the HD experience, it also offers a mobile version tailored to mobile devices. This Tom Clancy's amazing game introduces a whole new storyline, factions, and gameplay to the franchise.

Mobile gamers can now experience the celebrated gameplay of The Division Resurgence APK! This AAA game features an urban open-world set in New York City, offering a new storyline. 


Move to an alternative New York, where the money-carrying virus has killed most of the population, leaving chaos in its wake. You will be part of the squad that fights against groups of marauders in an effort to restore new laws.

When you are engaged in a real battle, you should always take cover behind structures, cars, and other temporary encampments. You can unlock new adult toys and improvements for them as you earn experience in combat. Your character can level up and your hand will become stronger as you train on shooting ranges.

You and other players can pick up the most valuable items and other loot in The Division Resurgence's dark zone, which will not bore you. It is not recommended that you stay here since the NPCs here are the evilest and expect you to give your best.

Using the Division app on a mobile device

A smooth experience on handheld devices is ensured by specifically tailored controls and user interfaces. In an urban open-world, experience an acclaimed Third-Person Shooter RPG with new game modes.

The storyline has been completely rewritten

Experience a new PVE campaign, whether you're a newcomer or a veteran. Get a unique perspective on Division 1 and 2 events by being a part of the legendary first wave of SHD agents.

A vast open world with high-quality graphics

From story missions to world activities, explore the open world Solo or Co-op. Explore a stunningly detailed urban environment.

Tons of gears and weapons to collect & upgrade

Your gear can be looted, crafted, modified, and upgraded to fight your enemies. With a wide array of weapons at your fingertips, you can customize your character to your liking!

You can choose your specialization based on the way you play

Unlock new signature weapons and unique gadgets as you level up and improve your skills. Try new abilities and find the best synergy with your friends by switching specialization and changing roles.

Various Modes

There is a co-op or solo mode in The Division Resurgence APK, as well as effective strategies for resolving conflicts and completing existing missions. Take the lead as a Division Agent! Various weapons, equipment, and selected items can be looted, crafted, and modified There is a rich arsenal of weapons available for all of the weapons.

Get a special set of operating equipment and train yourself until your skills are further tested. You have the opportunity to show your team you are capable of strategizing together at this point.

In addition to New York City, you can see instructions to facilitate operations with your team in the minimap. Continue shooting to destroy all obstacles and enemy equipment!

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