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Требуется Android:
Android 2.3 or higher
84.17 MB
2.3.2 для Android
ноя 19, 2016
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Fighting Super Revenge Evil Killer Prisoners: World War III in 2040 marks the third changed land border Modern Warfare Contracting Project Signs with Advanced Security CS Corporation to lead a new era. Although the CS threatened the riots and the zombie outbreak when the president threatened not to obey his orders. Destruction begins in ages.

Closer country hatred if CS proves the entire city they are seriously infected with. A detailed team force is already placed in front of the head and can gather information to open a counter-attack - the operation was lost. Too bad everything went wrong after you've just gone M.REVENTING AGENT. There are stupid mistakes, which is no excuse for those who pay with their blood. Run to hell is not a way to break the dead zone, break a part through the rescue agent and clear the way for the level of execution or you will join your dead brothers in the arm. For the location, waiting for the idea of ​​a walking dead hero. Human destiny is no longer able to survive the great exodus to find safe land in their hands.

Zombie: AIM Dead Properties:

- Take a look at the stunning graphics
- 3D graphics of zombies chasing you to death with a detailed look
- Realistic sound effects and enjoy music: Dead AIM: Zombie is an FPS game where you are.
- Upgrade the gloves of your gear facing zombies
- Compete with your friends to complete
- All the services and functions
- Epic weapon system In the style of shooting a zombie hunter in the style of 3D recording time as the most deadly hit of the killer, defending his nerve-free environment with him.
Zombie Dead Game Level Deals - and negotiations to set life, and c - fun-dead level with different zombie types Sure, the zombie comes to you as a huge tsunami wave.
- Enjoy the spirit of killing the big attack of zombies in which you are pushing in the direction. Cut your head Nova Objective part with a little worm crushed grenade - choose your way to destroy all the zombies.
- Updated graphics with regular epic effect zombies - realistic lighting - new materials for a wide range of infections represent different real-life versions of guns different sound effects - to bring the best of different environmental sounds, always apply top-epic feel-long gameplay zombies - Look for a crazy terminator, Big Boss chasing you H
- Zombies come with many forms and abilities. Is.
- Some zombies are at risk of extremely bad viruses that can attack a wide range.
- Sometimes the best way to shoot at the top, it seems that a sniper attack decided the first weapons and gadgets - featured multiple weapon types (rifle, shotgun, machine, grenade launcher) - to unlock the real killer of deadly weapons. Explore modern warfare through various strong guns - to maintain and.
- Can easily use different weapons without cultivating.
- Promote Rights Choose on the battlefield like a real shooter terminator. Discover, breakthroughs - how you shot more of the last stand as a zombie - complete cooling and unlocking for more than one element to cool the place. The process will be recorded as a diary.
- Comparison of your progress with friends, up to the throat
- Weird combined achievements
- Always the highest-paid leaderboard to peak your fighting list at 500 battles and other global players - Stop the zombies and connect safe escape Track on what you have different cards on Facebook To keep - A line has been violated - to guard a prison, where the earth called hell, where no longer at work.
- Pay careful things to you, they may be the key to survival. An accurate shot burst can trigger you to save time.
- Do not run away, you can invade the zombies by overcoming its forces and SWAT supporters.

Dead AIM: Modern Zombie Features:

- Open Ads - Remove Ads

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