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Требуется Android:
Android 4.0.3 or higher
482 MB
3.5.1 для Android
мар 15, 2017
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Be the space mission captain for the planet after deadly apocalypse on the edge of the galaxy to explore. Development: a new, free multi-genre online game Utopia United film with elements of war, RPG and strategy for unprecedented action!

Utopia presents Action Game Development:

- Develop stories! Utopia is infectious, an apocalypse that threatens the world ... but it also has to find a mix of classic and dark mysteries in the high-tech scientific genre.
- Gameplay development! Real-Time Experience Unique combat system to fight your enemies in combat! Although developing the strength of the action game, it is easy to demand and even master the battle recording system.
- Protect your base from strong and mount a system, install a colony to attack with tower defence games.
- Terraforming planets make a rich burnt ground in the sky! An extraterrestrial culture of technology in your hands! Review it!
- This means war! Destroy skyscrapers with enemy ballistic missiles!
- Discover the world as one of the epic games in Android history! Planet Utopia is full of surprises! Exciting adventures reveal all its secrets!
- Upgrade and destroy your character from dangerous creatures and defeat enemy soldiers!
- Fight with your partner, including (but not limited to) a loyal dog named Fido Blast!
- Gather your money tools and multiply! By opening electronic locks with a fully integrated interface with a certain number of mines or interesting mini-games, more and more of the product is becoming available.
- Wait for friend and foe! You will make new friends, but do not forget about how you make more awesome enemies ... and greedy competitors that you fight PvP in combat!

Modern Properties of Evolution: Battle for Utopia:

- All Unocked
- Note - Ads Removal

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