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7.8.1 для Android
авг 29, 2019
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Other players in Lords and Knights, agitated expeditions and battles as well as strategic alliances with huge castles await you! Explore business, complete missions and techniques. Recruit an army of great knights to protect your castle or conquer other cities.

Conquer an empire and shake your enemies before you.

Lords Knights Medieval Building Strategy  is a medieval free strategy MMO. First you control the castle and its knights. Over time, the right strategy can expand your impression. Conquer the cities of your enemies and become the most powerful ruler of the Middle Ages.

Features of lords Knights Medieval Building Strategy  Game:

- Raise a powerful weapon and take it back!

Make a list of many medieval units like Knights and Foot Soldiers. Use the right tricks and tactics to lead them into battle against other lords so you can unexpectedly defeat them or send them on exciting missions. In between these missions you will find adventures like chasing robbers, va, celebrating the palace in honor of your fame or holding a palace feast.

- Think big about building and developing your castles

Upgrade your simple beginner castle to a powerful medieval castle. You can stock up on your protected battle resources as you develop strategies and tactics for the upcoming battles. Strengthen your armed forces by improving your army and researching new technologies. Improve the defense of your empire by increasing or increasing your resource production. Tactics and tactics are an important part of building your defenses and you decide to make them king!

- AB coalition system that facilitates joint ventures

Formed or teamed up with hundreds of other players to plan and strategize their medieval empire. They cannot make offensive treaties and ally with other alliances or march together in an era of war. You can take on different roles within this alliance, for example the Minister of War or Defense, the exchange of information and live engagement with your friends and others in forums.


Plan an attack or communicate with other lords for your defense. You can support them with troops and resources. Save lives in each other's thrones and palaces! If diplomacy fails, another solution could be a planned battle of victory with multiple attacks on enemy cities. Send your army and plunder your enemy's resources or attack his castles, conquer his castle and make him part of his empire and expand his empire. Make sure your most hated enemy is no longer king!

Mod Features of Lords Knights Medieval Building Strategy :

- Unlock all

- Ad removed

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