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Требуется Android:
Android 2.3 or higher
16.78 MB
1.3.1 для Android
апр 07, 2020
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Этот apk не содержит вирусов и безопасен для загрузки с этого зеркала.


Suitable for professional musicians as well as for learning the piano. Many singers use it to track the pitch. Musicians use the piano for you to record their musical ideas when successful. You try too

Latency is a real problem on Android devices, but I've done everything I can. If you get a piano app with less delay, I'll give you the full version with your name on free credit

Note: Latency is better on newer devices.

Paid for additional headquarters equipment (Rhodes piano, accordion, and church pipe organ), but hey, no ads!

You can also support me by purchasing the full version - it includes all the tools and missing features.

Application functions:

- Good sound (sample equipment)

- Beautiful

- Option for two ical even rows

- Less latency (compared to other piano apps)

- Custom device (take your own sample from a microphone or open an existing file)

- 128 MIDI tools (really!)

- Recording

- Midi over WiFi

- Full piano keyboard (88 keys)

- Good key label

- Fast loading (less than 0.3 seconds)

Multi-touch support

- Hold the pedal

Mode features

- Everything is open

- Ad removed

Installation instructions:

* Have you seen this page on your page?

1. Download the APK file to your phone.

2. Install and run it.

3. Just enjoy!

* Have you visited a desktop or laptop on this website?

1. Download the APK file on PC.

2. Transfer APK files from PC to your Android phone (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).

3. Install and run it.

4. Just enjoy!

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