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июл 23, 2022

On your smartphone or tablet, you must download the latest version of "Sky 4k Apk" if you want to stream a wide range of multimedia content for free including Live TV, movies, TV shows, music, and many more.

There is a great deal of media content in this app that appeals to people who have varying tastes in streaming media. Friendly says once you download this app on your phone, you don't need to use any other media streaming app.

Start streaming your favorite entertainment anytime, anywhere with Sky 4K.

About SKY 4K V26 APK

As soon as users download and install this new app on their smartphones and tablets, they'll have access to a number of tops and newly released movies, series, TV shows, music, radio stations, and more.

In some countries, this new streaming app isn't legal and safe, just like other third-party apps. In order to access media content through this new streaming service, people from those countries will need a free VPN app.

Several entertainment services are provided to users by Sky 4K APK, a free Android entertainment program. We offer a variety of service options that are easy to use. You can watch IPTV channels, watch movies, listen to music, and more. There are a lot of entertainment apps available on the Internet, so finding one isn't difficult. Various platforms offer different kinds of content to users. Additionally, there are free and quality platforms for you to choose from.

Key Features

  • SKY 4K V26 APK offers multiple streaming options and is the latest streaming app.
  • The service allows users to watch live TV channels from around the world for free.
  • Additionally, it contains a free VOD section where users can watch movies, television shows, and other media content.
  • There are a wide variety of streaming quality options, including 720p, 4K, and 8K.
  • Also, music lovers can access top music from all over the world through this tool.
  • Using and downloading it is simple and easy.

A wide range of services can be accessed and enjoyed through the app. Users can also choose from many categories due to the wide selection of different content. Users can access and enjoy specific content from each category available. Therefore, we provide you with all the relevant information about the following categories. 

In addition to 4K, HDR, and H.265, SKY 4K V26 APK is the first to offer these technologies. A good image is also delivered on screens with 4K / HDR. Using Sky4K, users can access 4K, 3D, and VR content. By using this app, you can watch the majority of videos in 4K / 3D / VR. In addition to watching HD movies and listening to music, you can also play games with Sky4K. Sky 4K Apk makes it easier than ever to watch live HD TV. To access TV channels around the world, you can use this app on any device. Several channels are free, but others require payment.

Channels to watch live

Various countries 

It includes live TV channels from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, AO, Malaysia, Singapore, the UK, the US, France, Italy, India, Indonesia, and more.

A mix of channels

The users will be able to access free mixed channels from a variety of genres.

VODs Feature films

Thousands of different movies are available under this tab, including Paul, Single All the Day, After Earth, Hickok, Killers Anonymous, The Classic, Mall Cop, Breaking the Bee, Shadow of Truth, American Factory, New Year, Zhong Nanshan, and more.

Dramatic TV shows

SKY 4K V26 APK has tabs for TV dramas such as Walking Dead, Gossip Girl, PMAM and You Are the Miracle.

Animated cartoon

A Tale Dark & Grimm, Steam Boy, Lostarage Wixoss, Supermen, and more are available in this tab.

Series of television shows

TV shows such as Jungle Voice, Road to the Runway, and Marriage Diaries can be found here.

High definition (4K & 8K)

It's getting to be October, and Tzerl, Earth, Encanto 2021, The Hitman's Wife, Death of The Nile, Tenet 2020, Scream, That's What I Am, and OBI Wan are all available.

What’s New

Binge-watch these movies on demand (VOD)

  • English Movies
  • Korean Movies
  • Chinese Movies
  • Japan Movies
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong Movies

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