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Android 2.3 or higher
57.87 MB
1.40 สำหรับ Android
ธ.ค. 03, 2559
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Loaded with features, Mike V: Skateboard Party beat the best skateboarding game in the market.
Career status
Complete 30 achievements of new products and unlock access. Gain advanced experience of your favourite scatter qualities and achieve high points improved performance.
Without practice and restrictions, your skateboard skills can improve.
Set selection
Choose between 8 characters and each of them fit to your liking. Organizations for shoes, choose your favourite gear. Boards, trucks, Airwalk Powell and Peralta, Bones, Torque and Iron Fist clothing items are available, including a large collection of wheels and bearings.
Learn to skate
Owner of more than 40 moves and hundreds of combinations unique. Take the first steps and follow the tutorial as you go to make progress. Some impressive high scores, gaining experience and making a name for a fun combo and shot trick.
High definition
No other skateboarding game available in HD. Mike V: Skateboard Party Especially includes optimized graphics for next-generation mobile hardware to provide the best skateboard experience.
New controls
New fully customizable control; Customize your own button layout and opacity to configure. Select the control preset or use the right or left control mode to make your own. An analog stick or accelerometer option is used if you want. Make a change in his truck to expose your steering sensitivity.

Mike V: Skateboard Party Lite:

• Only HD sports skateboard on the market.
• New, fully customizable control. You can customize everything!
• Create more than 40 unique ideas and combinations.
• Ride a community centre of heavy skateboard destinations, including a motel, downtown plaza, junkyard and indoor skatepark.
• Includes brand wheels and tons of exclusive materials collection of outfits, shoes, boards, trucks with snowboarding or customizing boards.
• Combine experiences and update your scatter characteristics to update often.
• Share your results on Twitter with your friends.
• Sound conditions and Revolution Mother.
• Ability to make purchases in the Purchase Experience Point app.
• Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.

Mike V: Skateboard Party Lite:

- Open All
- Note - Ads Removal

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