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ม.ค. 16, 2560
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The Productivity Challenge Timer you want to help is more productive and more focused, less waste and so on, if you already know all these things.
What hard work to use and track your smoking habits is challenging. Earn / Rank Based on lost performance, achievements on their productivity time and track, you will know what you worked on for so long and the best hours of the day are a week.

- There is no planner. If you do not understand what you are really doing, this app is not for you. The app contains information you need for each of their customers/books/websites to know how much time you spend tracking work/projects - like that one timesheet, but that doesn't mean planners or lists.
- This app is English only. No translation is planned for the near future.
- This app will complete you can turn off or make them work quickly, so if you have a small baby big bubble, and you need to stop every few minutes, this app is not for you. At least at work session, you can set up is 10 minutes and you do not need to intervene. Also, because I also use applications, and I had to get used to this feature for the first time instead of getting abused by this feature.

- The purpose of this app is not to promote a healthy work-life balance, but to get the job difficult. Since this is done, it recognizes parenting or any other excuse that goes off on weekends or public holidays, and if you start sliding it will hurt. Please use it is expected its purposes are not valid, even if their sole purpose is to work hard, you are not.
- Make sure that the applications you want to use with each battery you can use the left screen / your device functions

Modern Features of Productivity Challenge Timer:

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- Note - Ads Removal

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2. Transfer apk files to your Android phone with PC (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
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4. Have Fun!

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