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Saikou B APK is a challenging game that asks you to outsmart a Yandere girl who is determined to kill you and ruin your life. Throughout the game, there are many scary moments, and you must find a way out of her clutches.

Game graphics are simple and evocative of horror movies. In no time, you will become addicted to the easy-to-master controls.

The gameplay is filled with horror.

The gameplay is complete with elements of a good horror game. This one features a Yandere girl who wants to harm you. Your antagonist, named Saiko Chan, will use whatever means necessary to make your life a living hell.

It's not uncommon for her to bind you to a chair, threaten you with a knife, and even stab you. You have to outsmart her in order to survive.

Your first challenge will be to escape the locked room. Saiko Chan will find you if you don't find a way to escape quickly. As the game progresses, the challenges increase.

You can explore a wide variety of rooms, each with its own puzzles. For them to be solved, you'll need wit and ingenuity.

Fortunately, Yandere girls always leave clues behind. Find a way to escape using these clues.

The progression of the game is highly interactive

You will meet the Yandere girl in an introductory conversation at the beginning of the game. You will then gain a better understanding of her character as well as her motives.

In order to get close to you, she will act as your lover. She will start showing her true colors once she has gained your trust.

Being around her requires extreme caution. You can either move closer to freedom by making the right choices or get sucked into a trap by indulging in her lies.

Many twists and turns await you in this game. Yandere will surprise you just when you think you've outwitted her. It will be crucial to stay alert and ready at all times.

Saikou B APK's Outstanding Features

You're in good hands with A Serial! 

You won't want to play this game if you're frightened. The Yandere girl who wants to kill you is a deranged individual. There are many blood-curdling scenes in this film. Before she catches you, you must find a way to escape.

Progress requires solving puzzles. 

There are many puzzles in the game that must be solved in order to progress. Your logical and intelligent ability will be needed to solve these puzzles.

Find out what clues The Killer left behind. 

The Yandere girl will write you well-written conversations. You can use these to gain a better sense of her plan and to understand her better. A unique clue will also assist you in solving the puzzles.

The graphics and audio are amazing. 

Simple but effective are the visuals in the game. A horror game would not be complete without them. Added to the tension are the sound effects.

This is an amazing storyline. 

From beginning to end, you will be hooked by the story. Throughout the story, you will gain a better understanding of the Yandere girl's character and motivations. Aside from that, you'll be surprised by the way the story unfolds.

Whenever possible, hide.

On occasion, hiding from Yandere girl can be the only way to advance. Since she is always watching you, be extra cautious when doing this. Hide your phone under a table if you can.

Cameras of varying types! 

A number of cameras are available for you to use in the game. Using them, you can track the antagonist as he passes through each room. You just need to select a specific room from the camera and start following her.

You can then plan your escape accordingly based on your understanding of her movements. A camera can also be used to find hints that will help you solve the puzzles.

You can explore many rooms

A large house is the setting for this game. If you want to find a way out, you'll need tenacity and perseverance.

It is always a good idea to carry a map. The map will make it easier to navigate and avoid getting lost.

Running also creates noise, so you should avoid it. Yandere girl is incredibly sensitive to noise, and if she hears it, she will chase you.

Unlock rooms by collecting keys

With each level you complete, you will find keys that you need to unlock new rooms. You will need to use each key judiciously since they all have different purposes. Access new areas with some keys, while shortcuts open shortcuts.

There is a limit to how many keys you can carry at one time. It is important to choose the proper key based on the situation.


Saikou B APK offers engrossing storylines and challenging puzzles in a horror game. It is the ideal choice for gamers who like games that keep them on the edge of their seats.

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