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Android 2.3 or higher
46.83 MB
2.15.2 สำหรับ Android
มี.ค. 03, 2561
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Get started with WoozWorld, the virtual world of fashion, and join the millions of fashionistas (and fashionistas) who personalize and express styles with the new weekly clothing. Create your character’s story and don’t get bored with thousands of stylish dresses that will take you one step closer to fame!

Do you want to get a taste of fame and become a movie star or a celebrity? Do you need to express yourself through new fashion designer wear? Have you always wanted to create your own finger shape? Do you dream of becoming the next fashionista or top model? Do you have space to decorate and create? Do you own a star-studded rest restaurant or a chic new boutique? Do you want a place to hang out, meet and chat with friends from all over the world? View world is a virtual world to protect twins and teens.

In the virtual world, you can choose from thousands of hairstyles, dresses, skirts and shoes to create and design your own stylish avatar! Meet new friends and design your own room with furniture to show off your personality. With your virtual life, you write your character’s story and work to bring fame and glory. You can easily trade old hairstyles for new chic trends, have your own high school prom party, create new games and take part in weekly quizzes, quests, campaigns and contests!

This virtual fashion world is at the forefront of cross-platform virtual multiplayer worlds and combines fashionable avatars from web and mobile platforms. Create your own girl or character with the booty and write your on-road-to-fame story.

Features of Woozworld Fashion Fame MMO Games:

- New clothes, weekly contests, weekly contests, weekly quizzes and weekly quests want to make you more!

- Meet and chat with millions of friends

- Dress and personalize how you want. Treat and wear your Vuzen like a finger! Choose a new hairstyle, dresses, stylish outfits and the latest fashion.

- Visit Viewworld at a live event with our celebrities, your friends and real stars, celebrities and musicians. Artists such as Dead u5, Simple Plan, Grayson Chance, Jasmine Villegas, Zazibit and others have played at Woojworld.

- business and old hairstyles, dresses, new chic hairstyles, stylish clothes and shoes for designer shoes

- Play a role and decorate your own room or express yourself with fancy clothes

- Create your own race-to-fame game to play with your friends

- Own themes like prom or high school dance and host parties

- Customize your avatar with millions of rooms, new weekly fashions and thousands of unique fashion designer clothes, hairstyles and more!

- Expand your fashion tastes and write a virtual story of your character.

- Vote for your friends and favorite rooms to get into the WoozWorld leaderboard and become famous

- Start OP for new fashion clothes and furniture. Dresses are added weekly to keep your character in style

- Start your own business selling hairstyles, clothes and shoes to gain fame and become a star

Properties of Woozworld Fashion Fame MMO

- Unlock all

- Ad removed

Installation instructions:

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1. Download the application file to your mobile phone.

2. Install and run it.

3. That is, enjoy!

* Have you seen this page on a desktop or laptop?

1. Download APK file on PC.

2. Transfer the APK file from PC to your Android phone (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).

3. Install and run it.

4. That is, enjoy!

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