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Eki 19, 2016
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Automatic Call Recorder Welcome to Google 2016 # 1 Call Recorder App.

If you ever take an important call and acceptance, do you have a memo? Or did you remember a phone number or address? An important order from a customer, when you were stuck in traffic? Maybe you write a shopping list and something left? Or just a few sweet memories aufzuzuholen and want tender words from your husband?

CALLx All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded automatically. Automatic Call Recorder automatically has a clear set of all incoming offers and allows you to record outgoing calls. Just start calling right away during recording than you can shake your device. You can play MP3s with high audio quality or listen to calls at any time in connection with Dropbox.

Automatic call recorder applications have:

• New in 2016 - Additional support for Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, J7, J5 and mobile lyf
• Based on automatic login and recording of phone calls and outgoing calls for predetermined rules.
• Crystal clear MP3 audio quality
• Shake to do (premium option) record. Shake Instant Start Record tells your device.
• Make recording filter incoming and outgoing calls. You can make all calls made between call records or call records with unknown numbers. It is also possible to select the contact list which was ignored or identical to the input contact.
• A list of favourites. The permanent store call will not be deleted
• Automatic Dropbox Sync (Premium option). Automatically sync all calls or favorite calls.
• Manual Dropbox Sync. You can select a different file that went to synchronize each record.
• Instructions. The recording time that you started can be informed by either the notification icon or the sound. They can choose sound, (premium).
• After the action menu (Premium) call. This option is useful if you want to check every call and type delete recordings directly or add favourite favourites to the extra note.
• Advanced memory management. The possible ownership of those files was recorded at the space. You can switch between the date range of the number range file or the amount of space the megabytes used (premium) are selected.
• Tested with major Samsung devices: Mobile Lyf, Samsung Galaxy J7, J5, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 with S5, S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy series.

Automatic Call Recorder Advanced Features:

- Full open
- No ads

Installation instructions:

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