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Android 2.3 or higher
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Oca 07, 2018
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Our ad notifies Muslims on free application request. It offers your pre-set * and calculation time based on your city choice with a variety of settings for customization in a very nice and minimal user friendly interface that we think a lot about.

If your observation indicates that the app is giving you the wrong prayer time, try adjusting your settings. You can improve the time by clicking the Time column at the bottom of the "View All" screen.

We have a variety of notification plans to suit most of your situations: add a nice one with the possibility to install our unique vibration modes using your own notifications, system instructions and specific Morse code schemes to alert you to a payer in a timely manner.

Our animated image has an interval setting between 10 and 100 from the front end. Just hold the central bead for an additional interface. Different sounds and vibrations give you the control you need for comfortable and precise patience without looking at the screen.

The app also helps you find Qibla directions. However, make sure you are not using it close to other devices that generate wide electromagnetic waves, as this can distort the compass reading.

We try our best to give you the best. Tell us what you think. Your feedback is very important to us! If you would like a compliment or would like to respond to a compliment, your comments are welcome. Please note that we value all feedback, but we will not be able to respond to every submission.

Important Note: If you do not allow our app to work under the restrictions of Dose Mode on Android OS 6.0+, there will be no prayer instruction. To do this, you must first accept the request for permission during installation or enable "Ignore optimization" (or similar) under "Battery and energy saving settings" (or similar).

Time ritual for prayer mod:

- Unlock all

- Ad removed

Installation instructions:

* Have you visited this page on your mobile phone?

1. Download the application file to your mobile phone.

2. Install and run it.

3. That is, enjoy!

* Have you seen this page on a desktop or laptop?

1. Download APK file to PC.

2. Transfer the APK file from PC to your Android phone (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).

3. Install and run it.

4. That is, enjoy!

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