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Yêu cầu Android:
Android 4.1 or higher
Kích thước:
13.89 MB
Phiên bản:
8.3.2 cho Android
Cập nhật vào:
Thg11 19, 2016
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Fleksy is the fun, customizable way to type, and officially the fastest in the world keyboard. Fleksy Just Keyboard enables you to find and adapt and GIF message, powerful extensions and beautiful themes with your keyboard.

How To Expand With Fleksy: GIF, Android Launcher, Editor, Number Line, Keyboard Shortcuts, Hidden Keyboard and Rainbow Key Pop
Powerful enhancements to user-defined functions.

Adapt to your keyboard's Fleksy extensions with incredibly powerful features. GIF support, and comfortable with the keyboard. Navigate to your keyboard's Apps Launcher. Copy / Paste You control the cursor and with the editor. Or easily customize Fleksy with Pay-Line, Quick Keyboard Shortcuts, or a fun Rainbow Pop effect when you enter. Fleksy so adjusts the mix and you can offer every 7, 3 slots free to try!

The fastest and most accurate keyboard
Without specific reason, the next generation can use the automatic update and so on to record speed with intuitive gestures Fleksy keyboard! Save things you love faster and more time.

Nice design. 40+ colour themes. 3 adjustable sizes.
Show your style on Fleksy's beautiful keyboard with over 40 colourful themes, including freezes, hunger games and favourites.
The entrance is really fun!
Express yourself with GIFs, stickers, as well as 800 emoji 40+ themes and rainbow key, pop. Then use Fleksy to symbolize fun and earn rewards! Who said typing was boring?
Why are we better than other keyboards?
Keyboard only with customer-specific extensions. No keyboard is customizable.
Keyboard only, which has a world record for type speed. No keyboard is faster.
Only the keyboard can be found, and the GIF sending system allows. No keyboard is more fun.
Elegant design, custom design and size. No keyboard is more beautiful.

Fleksy + GIF keyboard with modern conveniences:

- Full open
- Note - Ads Removal

Installation instructions:

Did you visit the site on your phone?

1. Download Mobile APK file ..
2. Install and run it.
3. Enjoy!

* Visit Website on a Desktop or Laptop?

1. Download PC APK file ..
2. Transfer apk files to your Android phone with PC (via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi).
3. Install and run it ..
4. Have Fun!

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