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4月 06, 2021

Bum66 Club - BumVip version 2021 defies transmission storm. Access high-speed gameplay without using the hurdles app. Update new game downloads with the lightest capacity.

About Bum66 Club - New super stable version

You have been playing BumVip for a long time, but suddenly you cannot log in to your account? Have you done everything but can not connect to the server of the current version Bum88.Club? All seemingly simple problems will be completely solved with the new version Bum66Club.

Launched on March 21, 2021, the international game portal Bum66 Club is the official session of the BumVip game portal with many advantages in quality of experience. Accordingly, 100% of blocked access will no longer recur. You can use any internet and wifi network to play games without having to perform barrier operations.

For downloads for Android and iOS, game size has also been optimized and tweaked by NPH to the lowest possible level. Allows players to download completely for free and login to your account with blazing fast loading speeds. In addition, the lag in the Tai Xu minigame has also been dealt with, even during peak hours with a large number of players.

Bum66 is a completely new app of giant Bum Club, the playground is too familiar with the Vietnamese rewarding community. This is the old age game portal, which has served the grave for a very long time.

The graphical interface of Bum66.club in this next release is almost unchanged. The graphics quality here is still top-notch, still, a standard for future game portals to follow. The most significant upgrade is probably the server system, now the connection is stable and a lot faster, although older versions of this legend have done a great job.

The deposit and withdrawal system was as fast and reliable as always. Now orders are processed more quickly, partly due to the upgraded infrastructure, partly due to the reinforcement of the support team. Still, super convenient and super-fast liquidity channels serving you in every daily deposit and exchange transaction.

The installed version of Bum is still complete on all app markets, whether it is to change the new link only. The game still runs smoothly on all operating systems, all devices.

Bum66 Club - Class is forever

Bum66 is the latest official access address of Bum Club, the oldest redeeming giant on the market. Perhaps this is a name that is too familiar to gamers who change rewards.

In this new update, almost nothing has changed much. The graphical interface of Bum 66 Club remains the same as its predecessors, partly because this is already the peak of the market. Exclusive graphic design, smooth, reasonable layout, eye-catching colors, this is one of the factors that make up the BumVip brand.

The legendary, reputable number 1 charging system of this game portal remains the same. Super-speed transactions are still the strength of Bum Club, now Bum66.club. The main liquidity channels, super convenient and still full, include banks, scratch cards, e-wallets, and a long-standing reputable intermediary agency system. If there is a more convenient charging channel, then this game port will be the first integrated unit.

📜 Bum66.club - New, more quality domain name

Bum's name is formed by the quality and classy first-generation reward game system. This game portal is also one of the first playgrounds to diversify genres, bringing the community the hottest games on the market so far. After a relatively long time serving the fanatic world, the games here are still not hot.

Bum66 is currently implementing many new promotions with more quality and incentives. Big monthly events with great rewards are still updated regularly. Newbie code, welcome gifts can be easily found on the fan page of the game portal.

Another factor that helps Bum66 become the most popular game portal is a well-trained professional support team. This game portal has satisfied a lot of gamers, always supporting and answering all questions in a timely, enthusiastic and thoughtful manner.

Bum66 Club - The most stable international game portal

Recently, many BumVip game players have encountered difficulty logging in, playing game lag or worse, not being able to access Bum88.Club game version.

To completely handle these problems, NPH has officially opened a new game version called Bum66 Club. Not only a new name, Bum 66 also has a high degree of completeness in all the evaluation criteria that most previous versions could not have.

Play Bum66Club, gamers can use the wifi or 3G, 4G network of any mobile network operator. The blocked status no longer recurs, allowing you to play the game at any time of the day without using any extra apps like before.

In addition, the system of Bum66.Vin has also been optimized for speed. The game downloads are lighter in size, easily compatible with the operating systems regardless of whether the device you are using is a high or low model.

Some outstanding features of Bum66 Club APK

Not much has changed in the interface as well as the sound, attraction, and worth of play of Bum66 Club comes from new recharge rates, membership incentives as well as a series of security features.

Top-up 1: 1 card, preferential recharge Bank and Momo

In the Bum66.Club game version, all the face value of scratch cards that the player uses to top up the game will be applied a 1: 1 level with no loss. This is no longer a promotional event, but a feature that applies to life in the game-playing process.

In the form of bank deposits and e-wallet, the promotion is even higher when players will receive 100% of the deposit value and 15% of the deposit value directly.

Comprehensive upgrade of security features

Playing the new version of BumVip, gamers will no longer have to worry about information disclosure, loss of accounts or theft of balances. All there is an upgrade and an overall update of NPH for the security mechanism with superb features: game lock, card app lock, secure account login, and balance storage by safe deposit box.

Bum66 Club recommends players regularly change passwords with enough difficulty. Also, do not provide the Password and character iD to anyone, including the player and game portal administrator.

Many great deals than the previous version

Download the new game version, players will have the opportunity to enjoy great deals from NPH. In which, a part is an event that has become the trademark of BumVip. The rest are new offers launched by the game portal to celebrate the success of Bum66.Club:

Race Top receives quality cars once a month. Awarding supercars and many gifts worth up to millions of Bum.

Receiving gratitude gifts through the feature "Gratitude GiFTCODE directly into the mailbox". Code is distributed daily when brothers become members.

Watch live streams receive GiFTCODE interactively. At least once a day, gamers will be able to participate in this top-notch event with the GiFTCODE code allocated Randomly.

Ensure credibility in Bum66 Club deposit and exchange transactions

Still with the full credibility in the deposit transactions from the previous versions, the international game portal Bum66 Club will surely continue to accompany the brothers on the bounty hunting adventures:

Officially listed a list of more than 34 prestigious leading agents in the Vietnamese market. Among them, there are Top 5 stores trusted by gamers.

Publish the contact address of each agent: Fanpage, Zalo, Telegram address and support phone number. Extend coverage of each agent.

Update better buying and selling rates for each agent in the system Commit to buy and sell as much to buy as much and vice versa.

Automated bonus review mechanism and transaction control, Creating maximum accuracy, avoiding confusion, affecting gamer's interests.

Receive all gamer's comments via Fanpage, handle all issues related to the bank deposit and withdrawal error, agent deposit, and withdrawal and e-wallet recharge.

NPH BumVip guarantees 100% reputable transactions. Controlling the operation of each agent, thereby eliminating less reputable and poor-quality stores.

The reasons you should play Bum66 Club version

Not only resolving the painful problems related to transmission lines. The Bum66 Club game portal also owns many outstanding advantages that you should not miss the opportunity to experience:

  • Sharp visual interface, captivating sound quality thanks to the vivid and realistic 4K background music effects.
  • Launching giFTCODE gratitude feature via personal mailbox. Players will receive gifts as soon as they check inbox without having to ask for too many Code actions.
  • Update the current chain of security features most modern and safest: card game lock, secure login and user account security.
  • Update a number of new agents, spread out in regions where the game portal was not previously covered. Allows gamers nationwide to participate in game play.
  • Quality of customer support has been upgraded. Adding a team of Admin Fanpage, responding to players faster with a more friendly attitude.

Membership privileges at the new game portal Bum66 Club

Many promotions are given to gamers by NPH game BumVip to celebrate the new version of Bum66 Club. In particular, priority 1 is given to VIP customers - those who play games regularly and do many transactions:

  • Login to the game to receive daily gratitude gifts from BQT. Gratitude gifts are sent to the mailbox like the feature we have introduced above.
  • Livestream receive Code every day. GiFTCODE is randomly given to players to announce the name of the iD, take screenshots of the game and send it to the Admin of the game portal.
  • Launching a series of events "Give a quality car, play as waving" with super attractive Top racing rules. Awarding billions of cars to gamers who hold Top 1, 2 and 3 positions.
  • Many gifts up to millions of Bum are distributed to the community of members in each Top race event.
  • Promotion to top up Bank and Momo up to 115% of the value, apply to all accounts and be deployed during the game of the brothers.
  • Double your first deposit with Tan Thu account. The rate of recharging and scratching cards is 1 to 1 forever with no limit of money.

Wish you have fun and win big!

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