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10月 05, 2017
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Meet Max Muscles, Donnie Darler and the rest of the Cartel Kings! They have really itchy trigger fingers, awesome sense of clothing and love to steal things. As guides, they storm the city, cast out bad guys, and blast things in search of cash, treasures and big weapons! If you feel lonely or just want to show up, join the cartel with friends and compete against the enemy's cartel to win great prizes! Or go to Battle Bay and steal loot by attacking other players' bases and improving your own millionaire mansion - don't buy yourself solid gold toilets!

What are you waiting for The following rules are boring and difficult to earn good things? Join the exclusive Cartel Kings Club and bring a bit of law into your life instead!

Cartel Kings Games Features:

- Attack other players in Battle Bay and steal their belongings. - We're sure they deserve more than you!
- Create a cartel and interact and help your friends and other players reap great rewards. Not just the grass on them ...
- Act really dangerous! Fight Rob Banks, armoured cars and really scary bosses! Are you ready for it?
- If you can't brag about it, that doesn't mean it's the best. Bring your cartel to the top of the rankings and win great prizes!
- Collect your own weapon of mass destruction - be it an RPG, crazy heavy weapons or small but powerful nuclear pistol ...
- Play well with your friends! Help each other out in cooperative jobs and defeat the mighty Raid bosses - and then steal their things!
- Surprise your slightly impressed friends and family by winning hundreds of treasures. - Bet you can't collect them all?
- Create your own weapons with hundreds of cool parts. - There are tons of different combinations!
- Everyone loves statistics! Adjust your powers and collect cool loot items that give you unique powers and abilities.
- Not your shooting? Just activate mania mode and it will work for you. All you have to do is decide what you want to spend on the loot.
- Wear the Cartel Kings you want! Bad suits, terrible hair - even underwear or a horse's head! (Or have we dreamed about that? No, obviously already!)
- With weekly contests, premium charge premium prizes, daily bonuses and new special events, you get so much free content every week that you think you might be robbing us!

Features of Cartel Kings Mod:

- Unlock everyone
- Removed ad

Installation instructions:

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3. Enjoy!

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3. Install and run it ..
4. Have Fun!

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