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1月 12, 2020
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Cooking Urban Food, a new cooking game concept that allows you to cook, train your waiter, upgrade your cooking utensils to a quick-cooking game and earn coins by becoming the best chef on different islands huh. Not all fans of Restaurant Cooking will like the practical and fast gameplay, but it will also improve your kitchen appliances and your waiter's waiting, ticking or waiting time.
Play like a professional top chef and prepare delicious street food for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Unlock a new food truck every few levels, learn new street food recipes like burgers, sandwiches, doughnuts and more, but also make a very beautiful platter in this addictive restaurant cooking games.
In this new restaurant game, we’ve put together some of the world’s most famous street food recipes with beautiful graphics, and just like Cooking Urban Food, the excellent cooking game came to life in 2018.
When you play this cool cooking game you will find yourself in an unexpected adventure that will blow your mind and put you in the middle of the action in the mobile kitchens of food trucks around the world.
Not only do you cook fast and fast, you have to

Decide about your food truck business as you use your coins to upgrade equipment, get powerups, or save as much on a strict cooking level.
After opening the Burger Kitchen Food Truck, you will meet your waiters, who will guide you through all the cooking games in the restaurant. Please open your eyes and think about what you see in our cooking game tutorial
So you have no problem cooking for your team.

As a good restaurant manager, you need to manage your waiter team by using the stars you win during restaurant cooking games or by augmenting your kitchen equipment with coins. Check your team's messages as the waiters will give you useful tips on devices that you should update or unlock.
You won’t have many inconveniences playing cooking games already, and if you cook quickly there are new features available like tornado powerups, your waiter’s gifts, and combos.
New food trucks with street food recipes will continue to be unlocked worldwide, so you can experience unexpected moments in our restaurant cooking game.
Our game cooking games have a race against time, but restaurant management also has experience deciding which devices you need to unlock and whether the waiters will be trained.

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