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Android 2.3 or higher
45.85 MB
1.4.5 对于Android
11月 07, 2016
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The world-acclaimed RC car racing game has developed me into a mobile multiplayer hit!
Numerous stages and modes! Real-time contests and the global Grand Prix!
Ultimate RC Car Racing Game Re-Volt 2 Attempts Multiplayer Game!

Multiplayer game Re-Volt 2 Features:

▶ Compete with world players!
The destination for the Global Access Grand Prix World Record!
Real-time multiplayer mode for up to 4 players!
▶ Driving your dream RC car!
Formula races, sports cars, even monster trucks! At best, that's right, RC racing!
Countless skins, performance improvements, item enhancements, special prices and more!
Infinite rewards waiting for you!
Grand Prix Record! Have to take coins, cash and items!
Do bingo and try daily missions! Lively creates its Grand Prix and multiplayer challenges!
▶ RC car storage, various tracks and game modes! Enjoy them!
264 meters and 4 game modes! The goal for the new record!
Compare and compete with your Facebook and Twitter friends!
Enjoy different game Wego
- Again Volt 2
- Again Walt Excellent
- Brick Breaker: Friends
- Tile breaker

Multiplayer mode offers Volt 2 again:

- All cars open
Note - Ads Removal

Installation instructions:

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3. Enjoy!

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4. Have Fun!

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